Write for Us

Writing is a passion just like flying. Not everyone can fly but writing is something that can be explored. At AviavtorsBuzz, we encourage contributions from our readers, and this platform is a space for all our members to put forth their views and stories. The strength of a community lies in its members and we would love to have you onboard as contributing authors. Only 3 qualifications are required 1) Passion for aviation 2) Writing skills don’t have to be Shakespearean but grammar and command over the language should not embarrass William Shakespeare if he comes back to life. 3) Should connect with the readers.

We have a list of categories you can contribute towards –

Blogs – We would love to have you write a blog for us! If you have a passion for Aviation, a way with words, and a point of view you want to put across, this is your space, so goahead what are you waiting for!

Inspiration Crew Stories – If you have a story to tell, an inspiring moment you want to share, a piece of fiction or poetry to narrate please feel free to write into us.

Lifestyle – Contribute to our Lifestyle Segment, share all your favorite hacks on Beauty, Diet, Fitness, because we believe a healthy community is a happy community!

Travel – All you avid travellers, heres your chance to relive those amazing moments again! Pen down your stories of places you’ve traveled to, adventures you’ve experienced and things to explore. So lets share those experiences, stay connected and keep travelling together!

Pictures – We want to see what you’ve been upto! Be it aviation photography, skyfies, crewfies or selfies, on the beach, on a mountain or on a plane! Send us those pictures and get featured.

Content Standard & Specification:

  • All content must be original, no plagiarism, please.
  • Please give credit to original sources, and give references or provide links wherever required.
  • Please do mention the category you’re writing about in the Subject Box.
  • With your submission, please also tell us a little bit about yourself. A couple of lines will be apt.
  • Please avoid attachments, write your text in the email box itself.
  • Response Time – We get a lot of contributions on a daily basis and though we try our best we might not be able to get back immediately. Give us 3 days and we will definitely revert back.

We would love to hear more from you, drop us a line along with your sample writing – writeforus@aviatorsbuzz.com