Women and Weight Training Myth Busted

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Some women avoid lifting weights fearing they would turn into Hulk the next morning. It’s an old myth, period! 

Let us break this down. Weight training is an intentional act of working one’s muscles to exhaustion and results in achieving micro-tears in them. The human body’s survival mechanism tries to recover the muscles by feeding in fuel (food). Hence what goes into our mouth post-workout goes into our muscles, so if you eat a lot and eat right they grow big and similarly if you eat less they become small.

Breaking it further, the ratio of nutrient mix post-workout will dictate the human body. The table below is a simple take away of the body’s mechanism on food type and workout combination.

So getting to the gym and eating right will only make you women look fitter, leaner and hotter, it will definitely not turn you into a she-hulk!

So hit the weights with confidence and eat right to get that sculpted goddess beauty!Fitness Chart for Women - Aviatorsbuzz