Aviation Quiz – Answers #4

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Q.1 What is the maximum, (+-) differential pressure that an A320 can withstand? 

Ans: 8.6 PSI above ambient (+) or too low 1 PSI below ambient (-).


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Q2. How is pressurization maintained in the cabin of an A320? 

Ans: Pressurization is maintained with the help of the outflow valve. 

The outflow valve is on the right-hand side of the fuselage, behind the aft cargo compartment and below the flotation line.

It is regulated and controlled automatically through CPC computers and helps the cabin air to escape at a controlled rate to maintain the required differential pressure


Trivia -Aviatorsbuzz

Q.3 Can you tell us how many minutes A320 batteries will last in an emergency? 

Ans: Two main batteries, each with a normal capacity of 23 Ah, are permanently connected to the two hot buses.

Normally with a high discharge rate, the two batteries will last for 22-30 minutes as per the usage.

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