Trapezius Muscle Growth

Trapezius Muscle Growth - AviatorsBuzz

Every man’s dream is when he wears a t-shirt those trapezius muscles should pop out behind the shoulder, giving a broad hanger t-shirt hold. However, it’s not that simple you have to master the art of activating them and fully explored their growth potential. 

Trapezius muscle, in simple words, connects one’s neck, shoulder, arms, and back. They support them and are aesthetically a jaw-dropper. These muscles are large and need a dedicated workout session with simple yet effective exercises. 

Pick a day between the upper body and legs workout. The exercise is to do Shrugs with barbells and dumbbells, all it requires is front and rear shrugs. The training is relatively easy in technique, hold the barbell or a dumbbell in front of your thighs or behind, use the shoulder ball as a pivot and squeeze the muscle between the same and the neck with explosive compression. Hold in the compressed position for a second and extend it to the start position on a count of 5 secs. The workout should be intense and reach muscle failure eventually. 

With the technique of the workout clear, the overall sets have to be around 20. Forward shrugs ten sets and rest rear shrugs. The weights lifted have to be around one’s six rep max, as this muscle requires the right overload to activate the slow and fast-twitch fibres. Repeat this sequence once a week and observe the slow bugle in one’s shirt and watch the jaws drop.

Of course, a good nutritional plan and rest, as mentioned in my previous blogs, will enhance one’s results. 

Cheers and work your way to hulk up with that trapezius.