Friday, December 3, 2021

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High Speed Flight – Part 2

High Speed Aerodynamics - Shockwave In our previous article, we discussed the basics of high speed flight, understood the concept of Mach Number and how it differs with change in altitude and temperature. Well no...

High Speed Flight

When an airplane moves forward, the airflow continues to flow over the aircraft wings. When this airflow is fast enough, it flows over the wings and helps lift the aircraft off the ground. In flight,...

Aircraft Tires

One thing you almost never see when an airplane lands is a blowout. Think about that, again and again, the tires hit the tarmac at 170 miles per hour and bear the weight of...

Factors Affecting Stall and it’s Prevention

In our last article we had discussed about the basic phenomena of stall, the indications and the recovery actions. Please visit the previous article in our Tech Talks section if you want to review...
Stall - AviatorsBuzz

What is a Stall?

What is Stall and how is it dangerous? When we hear the term “Stall”, the first thing which comes into our mind is “ to stop / delay something “. But, when it comes to...


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