Wednesday, October 20, 2021


They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So lets give them something to stare at!” We understand the damage your skin and hair go through with all the extensive travelling. Dehydration due to prolonged hours on flights, exposure to different climates, odd work hours, jet lag and changes in diet definitely take a toll on your skin. Keeping these challenges in mind we would like to introduce you to our Beauty segment. Meet our skin and makeup mentors Rashmi and Shweta who will be guiding you on how to put your best foot forward and sharing all their beauty secrets, to help you look glowing and gorgeous always! Rashmi, has over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry and has been the makeup and beauty therapist to the Miss World contestants. She believes that your skin and hair speak volumes about your over all wellness and she’s here to teach us how to nuture them the right way! Shweta our makeup diva with the magic wand is a grooming trainer, makeup artist and a former Mrs. India. We just love the way she redefines looks depending on the occasion, from uber cool, super glam to simple daily makeup, she’s here to make sure you look beautiful no matter what the occasion.
Beauty FAQ - Aviatorsbuzz

Beauty FAQs – Getting Those Fab Eyelashes

Q1. Is there any way to grow my eyelashes? Some women have such beautiful long lashes it's my dream to have lovely long lashes. Ans 1: It has been believed by many that castor oil...
Beauty - Aviatorsbuzz

How To Achieve A Wrinkle Free Face!

The fine crease on the forehead, the crow's feet around the eyes and the first sign of a wrinkle line on the face? It's extremely difficult to accept and of course none of us...
Benefits of Vitamin E - Aviatorsbuzz

Beauty FAQs – Benefits Of Vitamin E

Q1. I am curious to know how Vitamin E works on ageing skin. Is it a good idea to use it every day? Ans: Vitamin E  is a fat soluble vitamin derived from natural sources...
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Beauty FAQs – Your Guide To Flawless Skin!

Q.1 I am 39 years old and my skin has started looking as if I'm almost 50. Why do you think my skin is looking so wrinkled? What could be the reason for this...
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Beauty FAQs – What’s Best For Your Hair!

Q.1) I am genetically blessed with good hair but being a model I need to blowdry, tong and iron my hair very often. How can I save my hair from damage? Ans: Excessive exposure to...


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