SpiceJet-Adani Ahmedabad Airport Tie-up For COVID-19 Vaccine Support

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The first boxes of the COVID vaccine being loaded on to a SpiceJet aircraft in Pune. Source: SpiceJet

With the launch of the biggest vaccination drive in India in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, SpiceJet, on Wednesday announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Adani Ahmedabad International Airport Limited (AAIAL) which operates Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport to provide seamless transportation of the vaccine.

SpiceJet to Provide Rapid Transportation

As part of this association, AAIAL will handle the acceptance, warehousing of Covid-19 vaccines and provide temperature controlled facility, plug points in the warehouse and airside and maintain the cold chain from acceptance to the airside and vice versa ensuring smooth handling of vaccines.

On the other hand, SpiceJet’s cargo arm, SpiceXpress, will provide rapid and secure transportation of Covid-19 vaccine in India and international markets with proper temperature-controlled mechanism under the MoU.

Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet said, “The success of the biggest vaccination drive largely depends upon the transport, storage and distribution of vaccines to every part of the world without any major challenges.”

Mr. Singh said that at SpiceJet, they are ensuring no stones are left unturned in making this drive a remarkable success. “And our latest tie-up with Adani Ahmedabad International Airport Limited is another step in that direction which would help in the seamless transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine,” he added.

Behnad Zandi, CEO – Adani Airport Group said they were humbled to be part of this vaccination drive by utilising our core competencies in the logistics sector and infusing innovative solutions as cargo terminal operators at SVPI Airport. “We are committed to ensuring seamless transportation of vaccines through our terminal,” he said.

SpiceJet: Multiple Partnerships

As part of its continued efforts to take up the responsibility of transporting COVID-19 vaccines to every part of the country as well as outside India, SpiceJet has partnered with Brussels Airport, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo, Om Logistics Ltd., Snowman Logistics among others.

With a network spanning 54 domestic and 45 international destinations and a fleet of 17 cargo planes, SpiceXpress is capable of flying over 500 tonnes of cargo per day to both domestic and a wide list of international destinations. The airline has also tied up with global leaders in cold chain solutions offering active and passive packaging with dedicated equipment to perform seamless cold chain operations.

SpiceXpress has the capability to transport extremely sensitive drugs, vaccines blood samples and medicines in controlled temperatures ranging from -40°c to +25°c. Besides, the airline also offers other benefits such as a network of warehouses equipped with deep freezers to enable change of cool packs and ground vehicles and containers to help transport sensitive cargo.

Ever since the lockdown began, SpiceJet and its cargo arm, SpiceXpress, has played a critical role and worked relentlessly to ensure that the country’s supply chain remained intact.

The airline has helped in the transportation of vital goods and medical supplies to all corners of India and the world. SpiceJet has operated more than 12,906 cargo flights since the lockdown began and carried around 1,04,800 tonnes of cargo. SpiceXpress has the capability of providing door-to-door deliveries to over 12,600 pin codes across India.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said that on January 19, 2021, SpiceJet shipped 122 boxes of COVID-19 vaccine weighing 4.1 tonnes from Pune to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Leh.

SpiceJet carried 38 boxes of COVID-19 vaccine to Patna, 35 boxes to Vijayawada, 30 boxes to Hyderabad, 28 boxes to Bhubaneswar and one box to Leh from Pune via Delhi which will reach Leh on January 20.

This is the second round of COVID-19 vaccine transportation flights operated by SpiceJet. Earlier on January 12, the airline shipped 364 boxes weighing 11 tonnes of nearly four million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Pune and on January 13 carried 111 boxes weighing 3.5 tonnes of Covid-19 vaccine from Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad to a host of cities across India.

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