Ryanair & Spanish Pilots Union reach agreement, save jobs

Ryanair Pilot - Aviatorsbuzz
Source: Ryanair

Ryanair has finally reached a deal with the Spanish Pilots Union SEPLA which includes a 4-year contract with a 20% pay cut. This agreement was accepted by over 80% of Ryanair’s pilots, showing their intent to work even during these Covid-19 times.

Ryanair’s CEO Eddie Wilson said “We welcome the result that an overwhelming majority (80%) of SEPLA members voted in favour of a 4-year agreement on 20% pay cuts and productivity improvements on rosters and flexible working patterns to save the maximum number of Spanish Pilot jobs”.

While Ryanair has managed reaching common grounds with all others Unions throughout Europe where it operates, they have been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with the cabin crew unions comprising of USO and SITCPLA, putting cabin crew jobs at a risk. Eddie further said that “both USO and SITCPLA have to date been incapable of engaging in any realistic way that takes account of the extraordinary challenges facing the airline industry.”

Inspite of fewer passengers flying at the moment and a 20% reduction in their bookings for September and October, Ryanair is doing their best by keeping job retrenchments to a minimum and reaching bilateral agreements with most of their unions in the European Union.


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