Passenger On IndiGo Flight Says He’s Covid Positive Just Before Take-Off

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An IndiGo aircraft in the sky

A passenger on board an IndiGo flight to Pune announced just before take-off from Delhi that he was COVID-19 positive, prompting the pilot to return to the parking bay for safety of the passengers, sources have said.

IndiGo Offloaded Passenger, aircraft sanitised

The IndiGo flight 6E-286 was preparing for take-off for Pune on Thursday when the man told the cabin crew that h e was COVID-19 positive and showed them documents to prove it.

“On March 4, a passenger announced himself that he was travelling to Pune and that he was Covid positive. He informed flight crew on board,” an Indigo official told ANI on Friday.

The pilot of the Airbus A320 Neo then radioed the ground controllers about the situation and decided to return, the sources said. An announcement was made by the pilot that passengers on three rows of seats – from 6 to 8 – should get down first and wait in a coach for containment. The COVID-19 positive passenger sat in one of these rows.

The seats had to be disinfected and seat covers changed before the flight could take off again. “The airline followed the Covid-19 guidelines laid down by the government and aviation authority,” the official added.

Later, the passenger, who claimed that he was COVID-19 positive, was handed over to the airport medical authority and his result came out positive.

Airlines ensure that everything from the lavatories to windows and from baggage cabins to the cockpit, every fixture in the aircraft, including the seats, foldable tables and hand rests, are being cleaned with disinfecting chemicals so that passengers can rest assured on the flight that their chances of being infected by the virus are minimal.

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File photograph of a robot sanitising an Air India Express aircraft. Source: Air India Express

Covered in personal protective equipment from head to toe, these cleaners enter an aircraft when all the passengers have disembarked and all the luggage has been taken out. The process starts with spraying disinfectants on every surface inside the aircraft.


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