OpenAirlines Launches Green Pilot, A Movement Of Aviation Professionals

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OpenAirlines, a company working towards helping airlines kick-start the green shift, on the occasion of World Pilots Day on April 26 announced the launch of the Green Pilot movement.

Collective of Airline Professionals

Green Pilot is a collective movement of like-minded airline professionals and aviation lovers concerned about climate change and committed to promoting green actions to reduce aviation impact.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the various aviation industry players in different ways every day. They face pressures from all sides, environmental, social, and economical.

According to a statement of OpenAirlines, it requires them not to just act together, cooperate and show solidarity, but it also forces them to accelerate their transition to sustainable development.

More than ever, they need to organise their ecological transition, recreate bonds with their customers and show the world how much it is possible to love aviation and the planet.

Aviation represents 2% to 5% of global emissions. Our planet is choking, and humanity needs to act quickly to reduce its impact on the environment.

Across the world, research teams are working actively to innovate and create cleaner aviation. OpenAirlines claims that new digital technologies dedicated to operational improvements are already paving the way to a greener future and saving millions of tonnes of CO2 today.

It all began in 2018 after SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution developed by OpenAirlines was labeled Solar Impulse Efficient Solution. Created by Bertrand Piccard, this label awards solutions that meet high standards of sustainability and profitability.

The Green Pilot project emerged from a conversation between the visionary innovator Bertrand Piccard and Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines’ CEO.

OpenAirlines’ Eco-flying Movement

The objective behind the project was to federate airlines, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts around a common goal to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable aviation through an eco-flying movement.

“We believe that a more sustainable way of living and traveling is possible. If all airlines in the world were applying fuel efficiency practices on their flights, estimation shows that they could prevent 20 to 50 million tons of carbon emissions,” said Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines CEO and founder.

Mr. Feray added that they want Green Pilot to be a global movement of action, recognition, and exchanges, by creating a community of engaged actors, all making efforts to reduce the impact of aviation on the planet.

OpenAirlines - aviatorsbuzz

“Members of this community will be easily recognisable, and they will be able to claim proudly “I am a Green Pilot” and share their positive actions publicly,” he said.

Solveig Moisan, head of Marketing & Communication at OpenAirlines explained that all passionate pilot or airline professional who are concerned about the state of the planet can join the movement on

“It’s easy to join, and membership offers many benefits, including networking with like-minded people, seeking advice and inspiration, and sharing with other eco-flying champions worldwide,” he said.

Airlines can be labelled Green Pilot as well, but Mr. Moisan said they would recognise only those that stand for green excellence and who are already excelling in protecting the environment beyond legal obligations.


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