Man Caught After Aircraft Wing Stunt During Taxiing at Las Vegas

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A 41-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday for getting on to the wing of an aircraft as it was taxiing along the tarmac at McCarran International Airport before a flight from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon.


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Man On Wing

News website, reported: “It wasn’t a bird or another plane that grounded a flight from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon, before takeoff Saturday, but rather a man who got onto the wing, according to police and an eyewitness.”

Alejandro Carlson ran up to an Alaska Airlines airplane and somehow climbed up one of the wings, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said. The suspect moved about the wing for nearly 45 minutes before he fell onto the tarmac, Erin Evans, a passenger on the plane, told ABC News.

Man Breached Fence

The incident took place around 1:30 p.m. local time while the plane was taxiing for takeoff, according to Evans and police. The LVMPD said it appeared the man jumped the airport’s fence.

Alaska Airlines said in a statement that the plane’s pilots noticed a man running to the aircraft and immediately called the air craft control tower for help.

Evans, who filmed the incident and posted it on her Facebook page, said she could not see how the suspect was able to make his way to the top of the wing, but within minutes he was outside her window, walking on it.

Man - aviatorsbuzz

“Our first reaction was, ‘Uhhh, who is this guy? Is this a terrorist type of activity?'” Evans said.

Air marshals inside the plane instructed passengers to remain in their seats as they and officers tried to get the man off the wing, according to Evans. After about 45 minutes, officers used emergency exits to get onto the wing and approached the suspect, according to Evans’ video.


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