IndiGo Goes For Regional Expansion; Adds 22 New Flights Across Network

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An IndiGo aircraft in the sky

In its bid to strengthen regional connectivity, IndiGo, India’s leading carrier, has launched 22 new flights connecting key regional cities in India starting March 28, 2021.

IndiGo will operate new flights between Agartala – Aizawl under RCS scheme and exclusive flights between Bhubaneswar-Patna, Jaipur-Vadodara, Chennai-Vadodara, Bengaluru-Shirdi, Patna-Kochi, and Rajahmundry-Tirupati. IndiGo will be also be commencing flights between Kolkata-Gaya, Cochin-Trivandrum, Jaipur-Surat, Chennai-Surat.

IndiGo Augmenting Inter and Intra-regional Routes

Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, IndiGo said, “We are pleased to add 22 new flights including RCS routes, enhancing connectivity in the southern, western, eastern and north-eastern regions. The introduction of these new exclusive routes will further bolster the airline’s domestic network, while augmenting inter and intra-regional accessibility.”

Mr. Kumar said that direct connections between Bhubaneswar and Patna – the ancient cities; Jaipur and Vadodara – the textile hubs; Rajahmundry and Tirupati, the sacred cities, will cater to the travel demand in the cities, alongside promoting trade and tourism. “IndiGo is committed to providing an affordable, on-time, safe and hassle-free travel experience onboard our lean clean flying machine,” he added.

Origin Destination Frequency Effective Departure Arrival Fare (INR)
Agartala Aizawl Daily 28-Mar-21 14:10 14:55 1540
Aizawl Agartala Daily 28-Mar-21 15:15 16:00 1540
Jaipur Vadodara Daily 28-Mar-21 13:00 14:45 3804
Vadodara Jaipur Daily 28-Mar-21 15:20 17:05 3457
Chennai Vadodara Daily 28-Mar-21 11:25 13:45 3012
Vadodara Chennai Daily 28-Mar-21 14:15 16:40 3038
Bengaluru Shirdi Ex Tue 28-Mar-21 12:35 14:20 3556
Shirdi Bengaluru Ex Tue 28-Mar-21 14:50 16:25 3457
Kolkata Gaya Daily 28-Mar-21 12:15 13:30 2910
Gaya Kolkata Daily 28-Mar-21 17:40 18:55 3142
Patna Kochi Daily 28-Mar-21 2:35 5:35 5153
Kochi Patna Daily 27-Mar-21 23:00 2:00 4996
Kochi Trivandrum Daily 28-Mar-21 10:00 11:00 2372
Trivandrum Kochi Daily 28-Mar-21 18:35 19:30 2886
Jaipur Surat Daily 28-Mar-21 12:50 14:20 4329
Surat Jaipur Daily 28-Mar-21 19:10 20:35 3982
Chennai Surat Daily 28-Mar-21 15:35 17:40 3188
Surat Chennai Daily 28-Mar-21 18:15 20:20 3172
Rajahmundry Tirupati Daily 28-Mar-21 9:30 11:10 2594
Tirupati Rajahmundry Daily 28-Mar-21 11:30 13:05 2594
Bhubaneswar Patna Daily 01-May-21 22:45 0:35 3811
Patna Bhubaneswar Daily 01-May-21 22:45 0:35 3580


IndiGo in statement said it had a simple philosophy: offer fares that are low, flights that are on time, offering a courteous, hygienic, and hassle-free travel experience. With its fleet of 284 aircraft, the airline is operating over 1100 daily flights and connecting 60 domestic destinations and 6 international destinations. For more information, please visit


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