Goibibo Launches ‘Price Lock’ To Make Travel More Flexible

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Want to lock flight fare and book later at the same price? Then Goibibo’s ‘Price Lock’ claims to do just that – make travel more flexible.

Make Travel Flexible

Goibibo, India’s leading online travel brand, has launched an industry-first feature to help customers lock flight fares up to seven days while they firm up their travel plans. The service enables customers to reserve their seats for a bare minimum fee without paying for the actual price of the ticket upfront and securing flyers against any price hike by allowing them to purchase the ticket at the same locked-in price later.

With an aim to make travel choices easier and more flexible, the unique  service helps address a major dilemma faced by travellers – should they wait or book flights and consequently risk fare hike.

Price Lock: Fare Hike Protection

Price Lock provides more time and fare hike protection as customer takes a final call on scheduling travel. The service allows customers to lock airfares for one, three or seven days for a nominal fee – that later gets adjusted into the full price of the ticket at the time of the final purchase.

Commenting on the rollout of Price Lock, Saujanya Shrivastava, Chief Operating Officer – Flights SBU shared “We are always looking at ways in which we can make the flight booking experience delightful. The Price Lock feature is indeed an innovative and relevant solution that will appeal to those customers who cannot book right away but would like to seek some form of price protection until they firm up their decision to travel.”

Mr. Shrivastava added that today, travellers are spending more time weighing multiple parameters before finally making a booking and increasingly expect flexible options so that they can plan better. “Our new offering Price Lock is a useful way to get more time and save money as one can lock a favourable airfare for up to seven days while they make an informed decision to travel,” he said.

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Price Lock From Goibibo

At the backend, Price Lock leverages data and predictive analytics solutions to evaluate and calculate the air lock fee for a specific booking. The algorithm also takes into account various other parameters such as past booking behaviors and preferences, traffic on a specific route and sector, seasonality, advance purchase period etc. while proposing the Price Lock offer on a given itinerary.

To know more about Price Lock one can click here: https://tech.goibibo.com/price-lock-deploying-tech-to-make-your-travel-more-flexible-732bd7fe32de.

 A recent survey by goibibo said that as the world gears up to welcome the New Year with new hope, optimism and renewed vigour, one in every three Indian is planning to travel and take a holiday during the upcoming Christmas and New Year season. Goibibo conducted a survey among 2000 plus respondents between November 15 to December 5, 2020.

The survey indicates that 60 per cent of the respondents who are willing to travel during the winter holiday season are planning to spend the year end vacationing in the hills or by the beach.

Amongst the surveyed, more than 70 per cent are hoping to relax and celebrate with their family, spouse or partner while the rest are looking to end the year travelling with friends and long-not-met colleagues. According to the survey, the holiday season will also witness nearly 60 per cent leisure travellers booking a trip for two or more days.

While travellers are equally split between beaches and mountains as holiday destination of choice in India – they concur the destination has to bring them closer to nature and be scenic more than anything else.

Goibibo said while nearly 70 per cent respondents want to spend time outdoors, soaking in the sights or doing adventure activities like rafting, hiking, water sport or just sightseeing; only 20 per cent respondents are looking to wrap the year at bars or parties.

As safety remains paramount, survey responders gave highest preference to sanitisation, hygiene and safety certification in their order of priority while choosing their stay option.







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