Etihad Aviation Training, Israir Airlines Sign Historic Partnership Agreement

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Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) has signed a contract with Israir Airlines to offer Full-Flight Simulator pilot training for Israir Airlines’ Airbus A320 pilots.

Israir Instructors at Etihad Facility

As part of the agreement, Israir will dry lease EAT’s Full-Flight Simulators at the training facility located in Abu Dhabi. The training will be conducted by Israir instructors at the Etihad training facility.

Captain Paolo La Cava, Managing Director Etihad Aviation Training, said: “Following Etihad’s announcement to commence services to Tel Aviv, EAT is delighted to further commercial opportunities with Israel by providing comprehensive aviation training services to Israir Airlines.”

EAT offers a wide range of training products and services, including airline training, type rating, cabin crew safety training, instructor training and cadet programmes, and aircraft maintenance training, making it one of the largest training facilities in the Middle East.

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An Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Source: Etihad

Landmark Aviation Training Agreement

“Continuing our commitment to providing highly skilled pilots by offering state-of-the-art training facilities, EAT is looking forward to working with Israir Airlines and is anticipating further collaboration with the airline to cement this landmark agreement,” added Captain La Cava.

Uri Sirkis, Chief Executive Officer, Israir Airlines, said: “Close to the signing of the Abraham Accords peace agreement, I met Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Aviation Group and Managing Director and Vice President of Etihad Aviation Training, Captain Paolo La Cava at Etihad Headquarters. The short visit revealed to me a rare opportunity to use the EAT simulator facility, just a three-hour flight away from Israel.

“Beyond the economic and professional benefits, I believe that the more meeting points we find between the countries, the stronger the tourism movement will be. This is the true peace”.

Etihad Aviation Training offers comprehensive pilot training and has partnered with over 40 airlines. At Zayed Campus in Abu Dhabi, EAT offers pilots complete flight training devices including Airbus and Boeing Full-Flight Simulators, Airbus and Boeing Fixed Training Devices and Flight Navigation Procedures Training.

In 2019, Etihad Aviation Training for the first time collaborated with a partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following a landmark signing ceremony with Sky Prime, the latter will dry and wet lease EAT’s Full Flight Simulators at Zayed Campus, Etihad’s training facility in Abu Dhabi. The training will be conducted by both Etihad and Sky Prime instructors.

EAT is hosting Sky Prime instructors and pilots to conduct Airbus A320, A340 and Boeing 777 and 787 training at Zayed Campus. As part of the agreement, Crew Resource Management training, a tool for improving air safety, will also be conducted by EAT trainers for Sky Prime’s pilots and cabin crew. Sky Prime Cabin Crew will also receive recurrent training with EAT’s cabin safety trainers.

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In partnership with Etihad Airways, Boeing’s 2020 ecoDemonstrator programme used sustainable fuel throughout testing, including a 50/50 blend of sustainable and traditional fuel on a transcontinental operational efficiency flight. Source: Etihad

In March 2019, EAT said it had 11 Full Flight Simulators (FFS) including three Airbus A320 FFS devices, two Airbus A330/A340s, one Airbus A380, two Boeing 777s and three Boeing 787-9 devices. The facility is expanding and will soon see the arrival of a brand new Airbus A350 FFS, as well as an Airbus A320 Fixed Based Device, both of which will be available in Abu Dhabi to third party customers.

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