CSMIA’s Jaya He Museum Tour Now Available On Your Handheld Device

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has launched a digital tour of its acclaimed Jaya He Museum that enables the users to explore the 3.2 km multi-story art wall which is illuminated by skylights and having over 5,000 pieces of artwork and artefacts from every corner of India.

CSMIA Supporting Public Art

“Jaya He”, an app-based platform, regales passengers with a guided tour of India’s incredible diversity living in multiple centuries, simultaneously. CSMIA, which is a home to India’s largest public art programme, titled Jaya He (Glory to India), assures to take the passenger experience to a new height.

The “Jaye He” app can be downloaded and is available on all play stores accessible to all passengers and art connoisseur across the globe. Besides, the passengers travelling through Terminal 2 can also access a web version by scanning a QR code placed near the artefacts.

Users can navigate the tour as per their preference through a menu of art content and opt for the audio-visual treat of the artwork spread across the international or domestic departures as per their choice. Moreover, the app operates on a unique technology platform that allows users to listen to the narrations offline, even with their phones on airplane mode.

CSMIA consistently explores its potential to be an agent of change by creating meaningful experiences for its passengers, even through the pandemic. In June 2020, the airport’s Jaya He Museum celebrated the second edition of its carnival series as an online digital festival, ‘Utsara 2020’, bringing together audiences from different parts of the world to explore the art and heritage of North-East India.

The one-of-a-kind Audio Guide App, developed in collaboration with Hop on India (Desi Walks Pvt. Ltd.), is amongst the latest path-breaking initiatives of the airport to reposition India’s Arts and Crafts in the public domain as the airport leaves no stone unturned in its goal to elevate passenger experience.

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