Boeing’s Everlasting Partnership With The Indian Navy

FA-18 Super Hornet
FA-18 Super Hornet

The Indian Navy (IN) has always played a prominent role when it comes to safe guarding the country’s sea borders, especially in the Indian Ocean region, where the navy keeps a very close watch on the movement in the sea with the help of its wide range of ships and through its aviation fleet.

Indian Navy’s aircraft carry out the entire mission spectrum at sea, ranging from countering piracy and asymmetrical warfare, to neutralising maritime terrorism.

The P-8(I)

Since induction of the P-8(I) by the Indian Navy, Boeing has been supporting the fleet to ensure high rates of mission readiness. With eight P-8(I)s presently active and another four to be delivered soon, Indian Navy’s P-8 fleet stands the second largest in the world.

Considered as the most potent anti-submarine warfare, armed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft extant, not only can the P-8(I) “fly higher, farther and faster” than any other maritime patrol aircraft, it can also detect, track and report on more targets than ever before making it a perfect eyes in the sky for the Indian Navy.

By providing extended maintenance support services, Boeing makes sure that India Navy’s P-8(I) capabilities and mission readiness are intact and aircraft can perform its assigned mission anytime, anywhere. Boeing has received a three-year contract for continued support to the Indian Navy’s P-8(I) fleet, a testament to the value that its services and training have delivered.

India’s Defence Acquisitions Committee in January 2018 gave its node to acquire P-8(I) training system from Boeing. The system is customised for the Indian Navy and will offer an integrated learning approach that will combine classroom education with simulation. This ground-based training system for the P-8(I) will enable naval crews to upbeat their flying skills in much lesser time.

Envisaging the future

With its F/A-18 Super Hornet, Boeing envisages a positive opportunity to further enhance the ongoing partnership with the Indian Navy. This fighter with multi-role capabilities, advanced technologies and low acquisition and sustainment costs, F/18 Super Hornet suits best for India. Capable of conducting STOBAR operations with a meaningful weapons and fuel load, the Super Hornet is fully compatible with the Indian Navy’s aircraft carriers.

Make in India

Boeing’s proposed ‘Make in India’ plans for the Super Hornet are not just about transferring a production line, but for building an entirely new state-of-the-art production facility that can be utilised for other programmes, including the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

In a view to further back this campaign, Boeing agrees to bring its global scale supply chain, vivid manufacturing process along with company’s tremendous experience in designing and optimising aerospace production facilities to not only back the expansion of India’s aerospace domain but also to help realising Make in India vision.

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