BLADE India-Panchshil Realty To Offer Chopper Service At Pune’s Yoo Villas

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Representational photograph of a BEL 407-3 helicopter of BLADE. Source: BLADE India

What if someone told you that you could travel from Mumbai to Pune or back in less than an hour while ditching the city traffic?

To add to it, what if someone told you that you could commute to work from a helipad within your vicinity and be back home in time? Yes, you heard it right.

BLADE India, operating in the urban air mobility (UAM) space have announced a collaboration with Panchshil Realty.

This tie-up is its latest addition to its UAM network of heliports and services offered by BLADE within Maharashtra. BLADE will operate its services from Panchshil’s Kharadi helipad located right next to the Yoo Villas. Besides the residents and the office-goers of Kharadi this heliport will also serve as an access point for BLADE flyers who prefer the location.

The focus is in adding a layer of convenience and service to improve the general quality of life of people who opt for BLADE as a lifestyle choice. The inhabitants of the area now can travel to and from various locations within Maharashtra within minutes reducing the friction associated with road travel.

Commenting on the collaboration, Karanpal Singh, Founder, Hunch Ventures and BLADE India said, “BLADE India is focused on providing customised mobility solutions to its users and partners. Going forward safe and convenient access for short haul travel will be key to a quality work-life balance”.

“We are glad to partner with Panchshil Developers in adding value to its inhabitants by providing frictionless access to remote and urban locations such as Mumbai. Offering a more convenient travel option versus spending hours on the roads commuting.”

Urban Air Mobility leverages VTOLs to better link cities and regions, thus cutting the time spent on traffic. As urban transport heads into the sky, sustainable development of cities becomes efficient and loved ones are no longer quite so far away.

“The launch of helicopter services by Fly BLADE India Pvt. Ltd. between our YOO VILLAS helipad in Pune and Mumbai is a welcome step and will go a long way in dramatically reducing the commuting time between Mumbai and Pune. This kind of flexible pay-per-seat solution will greatly benefit businesspersons, corporate executives and affluent families from outside Pune who have a home here”, said Sagar Chordia, Director, Panchshil Realty.

BLADE debuted in November 2019 in Maharashtra (Mumbai – Pune – Shirdi) and since then has witnessed a consistent response from the business, leisure and pilgrimage segments of commuters. With air travel reeling from the pandemic and travellers increasingly preferring more exclusive modes of travel, BLADE’s UAM solutions address the need of the hour by providing a safe, exclusive, personalized, hassle-free and convenient commuting option.

BLADE recently introduced ‘BLADE Anywhere’, a personalised charter service. BLADE Anywhere is an extension of the brand’s time efficient short haul flights and seamless experience, connecting destinations with more value additions for its customers.

BLADE heliports are centrally located in easily accessible city centres, with a well trained customer experience team to cater to flyers’ travel needs.


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