B-737 MAX: American Plans Training, UK Pilots Seek Assurances

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File photograph of a Boeing 737 MAX in American Airlines livery. Source: aviation_newyork

American Airlines is said to have scheduled Boeing 737 Max training for its pilots ahead of the jet’s return to service, while pilots in the United Kingdom are seeking assurances on several aspects of the aircraft redesign.

“With the planned return to service for our B737 MAX aircraft in the near future, we will begin conducting B737 MAX Special Training for our B737 pilots, Ameya Kingaonkar, Director of Flight Training, Planning and Scheduling, was reported by CNBC as having said in a memo to pilots:

The training is said to be starting from November, with all pilots re-trained by January 2021.

However, with approximately 4,000 pilots requiring retraining before they can fly the Max jets again, the airline expects the number of pilots being retrained to be adjusted closer to the time.

American Airlines spokeswoman Shannon Gilson told The Independent: “We have not made any definitive plans regarding the MAX.

The MAX jets have been grounded worldwide since March 2019 after two tragic crashes that resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives.

A Lion Air flight took off from Jakarta airport on October 29, 2018 and crashed soon after, killing all 189 people on board. Then, on March 10, 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa carrying 157 passengers and crew also crashed shortly after take off, killing everyone on board.

Meanwhile, UK cockpit crew representatives are seeking assurances on several aspects of the Boeing 737 MAX’s redesign, including scenarios relating to the angle-of-attack sensors and the potential need for two pilots to turn the trim wheel if the jet is out of trim.

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