Airbus Corporate Jets Wins Order For ACJ319neo Fitted with CFM Engines

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The Airbus Corporate Jets has won orders for the ACJ319neo.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has won an additional ACJ319neo order with an undisclosed customer, highlighting the market appeal for this aircraft that offers a unique flying experience with its spacious cabin and intercontinental range.

The ACJ319neo will be equipped with CFM International’s LEAP-1A engines.

Twelve ACJ320neo Family customers have now placed a total of 16 orders including six ACJ319neo.

“We are delighted to win another order for the ACJ319neo. Customers will enjoy travelling in the spacious cabin whilst flying intercontinental routes. The ACJ319neo has a robust reliability. Customers will as well benefit from a higher passenger capacity with exceptional comfort and similar operating costs to traditional business jets because of more cost-efficient maintenance, training, and better value,” said Benoit Defforge, ACJ President.

Airbus Has Delivered 3 Aircraft

With the ability to fly eight passengers 6,750 nm/12,500 km or 15 hours, the ACJ319neo will bring much of the world within nonstop range. Deliveries of the ACJ319neo started in 2019 and three are already in operation with three customers.

The ACJ319neo is part of the ACJ320neo Family, featuring the most spacious cabins of any business jet, while being similar in size to competing large-cabin aircraft.

The ACJ320neo Family also delivers similar operating costs thanks to its lower maintenance and training overheads – part of its airliner heritage – deliver a similar total cost when combined with fuel and navigation and landing charges and as a direct consequence, it also has a much more favorable CO2 footprint.

Over 13,000 Airbus aircraft have been delivered worldwide, supported by a globe-spanning network of spares and training centres, giving corporate jet customers unmatched support in the field.

‘One Call Handles All’

Airbus corporate jet customers also benefit from services tailored to their particular needs, such as the ‘one call handles all’ corporate jet customer care centre (C4you), customised maintenance programmes and the ACJ Service Centre Network.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) offers the most modern and comprehensive corporate jet family in the world, giving customers the greatest choice of unique, customisable and spacious cabins, allowing them to select the comfort they want in the size they need – offering them a unique flying experience.

More than 200 Airbus corporate jets are in service on every continent, including Antarctica, highlighting their versatility in challenging environments.

Meanwhile, an article in The Resident said concerns over coronavirus had lead to an increase in demand for private jets to fly families – and pets – across the world with minimum fuss and minimum contact. Some aviation companies can even arrange a rapid-turnaround PCR test.

Another report in ainonline said that the market reaction to the ACJ TwoTwenty (220)—the newest member of Airbus Corporate Jets’ executive airliner fleet introduced last fall—has been ‘very positive,’ according to company president Benoit Defforge.

However, the continued global pandemic lockdown has slowed sales activity. Notching orders is “taking a bit longer than we expected,” he said, citing second-wave lockdowns and prospects’ continued caution. “Our customers have made a lot of money these last months, but the situation is so unstable.”

The absence again this year of EBACE, a prime stage for Airbus Corporate Jets, won’t help, either. Mr. Defforge said the orders for six aircraft announced at the program’s launch are still in hand for the TwoTwenty, which is based on the A220-100 single-aisle airliner.

Airbus Corporate Jets calls the TwoTwenty an “Xtra Large Bizjet,” a new category of business aircraft and “an alternative to the traditional large-cabin business jet and the bizliner,” in Mr. Defforge’s words.

It offers three times the interior space, yet the same hangar footprint and a lower price than the largest business jets, meaning it will cost less than $72 million. Bizliner operators opting for the A220 variant, meanwhile, can save significantly on purchase and operating costs, he added.


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