17.22 Lakh Indians Return By Vande Bharat Mission Flights

Spike Paid Domestic Aviation - Air India Express Vande Bharat Mission flight from Bahrain to Kozhikode - Aviatorsbuzz
File photo of passengers seated in an Air India Express Vande Bharat Mission flight from Bahrain to Kozhikode. Source: MEA

As on October 7, 2020, the different modes of the Vande Bharat Mission have repatriated 17.22 lakh Indians back to their homes in the country.

These different modes include, Air India and Air India Express flights, private and foreign carriers, chartered flights, naval ships and land border crossings.

Under Phase 7 of Vande Bharat Mission, operational since October 1, 2020, a total of 873 international flights have been scheduled from 25 countries to be operated during the course of the month.

These include flights from among the 14 countries with which India has a bilateral ‘Air Bubble’ arrangement in place. The air bubble arrangement has been working satisfactorily adding to the capacity.

These flights will reach 24 airports across India, repatriating an estimated 1.7 lakh people. As on 7 October, 210 flights have already been operated from 18 countries. “We continue to assess demand for repatriation from other countries and project the requirements to Air India so that more flights can be scheduled in the coming days,” the airline CMD Rajiv Bansal said.

Vande Bharat Mission Flights - Aviatorsbuzz
Air India Express passengers arrive in Kozikode by a Vande Bharat Mission flight from Bahrain. Source: MEA

Details provided by the Civil Aviation Ministry showed that Air India and Air India Express operated 6,348 repatriation flights till October 6. Between them the two airlines carried over 8.31 lakh passengers. Of these, 3,175 were inbound flights carrying 5,34,753 passengers and 3,173 were outbound flights with 2,96,545 fliers.

The mission is currently in its Phase 6 which will continue until November 30.


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