Workout Circuit for the Weekend Curfew

It’s happening again, yes, the covid wave has forced us fitness enthusiasts to take a step back and say farewell to our workout routines! With most of the gyms shutting down, it might be a struggle to stay fit and keep moving, but let’s not give up on our fitness, let’s discuss how to use a simple jogging path and the power of one’s body to perform effective weekend curfew workouts.

The workout is going to focus on cardio strength and total body muscle activation and pump in intervals. The technique will also keep the fat levels under check as it’s an intense form of fat blaster workout. Let’s break this down into parts, we will need a short straight jogging track which could be a park, basement car park, side road, etc., whatever one has access to. The other equipment is one’s body weight, and we are ready to go.

To have an effective 30 minutes workout, one must perform in a circuit pattern and repeat until the time marker has passed. At the starting point of the jogging track, perform 20 squats. At the end of the last squat, bounce to a sprint of 50m and stop, perform 20 pushups and continue the sprint for another 50m. Finish the set with another set of 20 squats at the end of the sprint, walk back to the start point to cool down and repeat this circuit until the 30 mins are up.

Depending on one’s cardio and muscular strength, the sprint distance and the squats, pushup repetitions can vary. To make it more challenging, the walk back to the starting point could be replaced by a mild jog. The permutations and combinations are endless here, you can build a custom circuit and make it more fun for the weekends. You could also try this as a pair with a family member to get the drive and push to reach the extra mile.

So, don’t give up on your fitness, wear your mask and shoes, ensure social distancing and try this weekend curfew circuit to maintain physical and mental health.

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Vijay Macmilton, is a fitness, nutrition, and physique transformation coach apart from being a pilot with a leading airline. Being a fitness enthusiast he has studied this field comprehensively and has mastered the science and math that goes into body building and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive knowledge and passion in the field of diet, fitness, and wellness makes him our go to man for staying in great shape.