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Are you looking for an exotic destination for the fall? Do you want to enjoy some more sun? Look no further, the archipelago of Malta, made up of 8 islands, is an ideal destination in October or November. Malta, is a European island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the North African coast. Pleasant temperatures, turquoise water, hiking trails between breathtaking views of the sea, and historic gems, Malta is definitely an escape from reality! The bonus? You will save money compared to the high season. Ready to go?

Enjoy the Maltese indian summer on some incredible beaches

The archipelago off the sicilian coast enjoys a pleasant climate almost all year round. In October and November, it is still time to sunbathe and swim in turquoise waters. Discover our list of the most incredible beaches in the Malta archipelago.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay source: maltainfoguide.com

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, the unspoiled beach 

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is northwest of the island of Malta. Separated from Golden Bay beach by a hill, it takes about ten minutes to get there. Once you arrive, it is a 250 m long brown sand beach that will allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea in unspoiled nature without construction. Take one of the paths leading from the beach for incredible views of the bay and Għajn Tuffieħa watchtower.

Malta Anchor Bay - Malta
Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay, choose between diving and cinema

About 40 minutes by bus from Ghajn Tuffieha is Anchor Bay, a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. After observing the many species living between the rocks, you can visit Scorpion Cave, a cave whose entrance is completely submerged.
On the shore, the cinema has taken over the decor. Welcome to Popeye Village! This village of colorful cottages was created in 1980 for the filming of the musical Popeye. Young and old will enjoy the attractions and shows of this atypical place of Anchor Bay and will even be able to meet its famous inhabitants Popeye, Olive, and Brutus.

St. Peters Pool
St Peter’s Pool, the natural swimming pool  

This time, let’s head to the south-east of the island of Malta to bask in the sun at St Peter’s Pool on the Delimara Peninsula. The  – rocks overlooking the sea are ideally flat for resting. To go swimming, ladders have been installed to access the crystal clear water. The bravest can also jump directly into the water. To get there, it takes around 30 minutes on foot from the center of Marsaxlokk.

MALTA Ramla Bay - Aviatorsbuzz
Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay – If you are staying on the island of Gozo, you cannot miss one of its best beaches, Ramla Bay. Fascinating thanks to its copper-colored sand and the surrounding nature, a change of scenery is guaranteed. Climb up to Calypso Cave to admire the view of the entire bay. You can book a villa just on the side of the beach and enjoy your view with exotic luxuries.

MALTA Blue Lagoon - Aviatorsbuzz
Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon – Let us set the scene, a white sand beach, a sea so clear that you can observe the fish from the surface and the gentle heat of the autumn sun.. welcome to the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. This cove will give you the impression of being on a paradisiacal beach at the end of the world.

Hiking and trekking in Malta

One of the advantages of visiting Malta in October or November is that you can plan hikes away from the summer heat. We reveal to you the most beautiful hiking trails of the Maltese archipelago.

From the Dingli cliffs to Wied iż-Żurrieq, the first trail that we offer runs along the cliffs of Dingli offering exceptional views of the Mediterranean. To follow this hike, go to Ħad-Dingli village on the west of the island of Malta and follow the red indication signs. The 11.2 km route will take you from splendid coastal landscapes to discover the historical and architectural treasures of Malta. Here are some monuments to see on your way:

  • Il-Wardija Ta ‘San Gorg Malta, a typical village of the bronze age
  • Mnajdra and Hagar Qim temples, dating from the Vth century BC, the construction of circular rooms in these temples is still a mystery today. If you are passionate about archaeological sites, take the time to explore them.

This hike will end at Wied iż-Żurrieq, a small port from where you can explore Blue Grotto by boat, a cave 40m deep. Once you have passed the ark, you will see water of absolute purity.

Watchtower Hike – This second hike will allow you to explore the north of the island of Malta in the heart of Marfa Ridge, a nature reserve. The course is very pleasant on a beautiful autumn day. To complete this 14.5 km loop circuit, go to Ghadira Bay and follow the cyan signs. You will be able to see in particular:

  • The Red Tower, built in the 17th century to defend the island, received up to 49 soldiers.
  • Slugs Bay, this charming bay is not easy to access, its secluded, pristine and can be accessed over some difficult terrain along a cliff.
  • The White Tower, Maltese Torri L-Abjad, was also built in the 17th century. The view of the bay of Armier below is worth the detour.
  • Paradise Bay, this small Maltese beach is aptly named, it’s crystal clear waters make it a haven of tranquility.

In October and November, the weather is still very pleasant in Malta, do not hesitate to take your swimsuit with you to enjoy the beaches you will cross.

Hiking in the center of the island of Malta – After discovering the sublime coastal landscapes, why not discover the treasures hiding further inland? For this, we advise you to follow the loop route of about 10 km in the Bahrija region. Before starting your trek, visit the city of Mdina, the former capital of Malta. Its small alleys, palaces, and churches are a must during your stay in Malta.
The path from the village of Rabat is ideal for discovering the fauna and flora of Malta and observing the geology of the island. You will particularly appreciate:

  • The Qlejgha plateau, a limestone plateau overlooking the sea.
  • Wied il-Buzbiez, translating as the “fennel valley”, the aromas of aromatic herbs will captivate you.
Island Of Gozo - Aviatorsbuzz
Island Of Gozo

Hiking on the island of Gozo – Located in the north of the island of Malta, the island of Gozo is still very rural and unspoiled. It is possible for experienced hikers to go all around the island. The route of about fifty kilometers is feasible in 4 days. Autumn is the ideal season to try adventure and at the same time be able to enjoy the Mediterranean. On the program, coastal paths offering breathtaking views of the sea, historical remains and a rich flora fauna. In the evening, you will experience the hospitality and kindness of the Gozitans. The occasion will be perfect to savor typical Maltese dishes like Ftira and, of course, the unmissable Gozo goat cheese.

Island Of Comino - AviatorsBuzz
Island Of Comino

Relaxation and walks on the island of Comino – Between the island of Malta and the island of Gozo is the small island of Comino which is only 3.5 km². Cars are not allowed, it is the ideal place to enjoy a day of relaxation between walking and swimming. The boat will drop you off in the mythical Blue Lagoon. From there, you can either enjoy the crystal-clear sea or explore Comino. As on the other islands, you will see remains of fortifications dating from the 17th century. It takes about 4 hours to go around the island. Be sure to pack your swimsuit as the temptation to jump into the clear water will be intense.

What’s the weather like in Malta in autumn?

In autumn, the Indian summer persists in Malta. Rainy days are rare and temperatures are pleasant. In October, the average temperature is 24ºC, and that of the water 23ºC. In November, they oscillate between 14ºC and 20ºC, the water temperature is an average 21ºC.

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