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Scotland, the land of breathtaking beauty, highlands, moors, lochs and legends! I’ve always found Scotland fascinating, with its ancient history, majestic castles, and fantasy like landscapes, it’s been on my bucket list for the longest time. We finally planned our trip for September, 2019, the best time to travel to Scotland is from June to August as it is the warmest then but September was also lovely.

It was a road trip starting from London, with a group of friends that had flown in from all around the world and it was definitely one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Scotland Trips Images - TriplingScotland Trips Images - Tripling

Day 1: We started off from London, our first port of destination was Edinburgh, which was approximately 7 hours away. We decided to take a short break in Windmere, Lake District, (also known as the Switzerland of UK) to enjoy the serene and scenic beauty of the place. It was extremely beautiful and offered a lot of things to do, but we were there for a really short time. Someday, I would love to go back and spend a few days just in Windmere.  The drive to Edinburg was lovely, we arrived the same night and checked into a beautiful airbnb private property.

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Edinburgh is famous for its nightlife and we just couldn’t wait to step out. We had an amazing time that night and highly recommend Sneaky Peat’s @73cowgate for clubbing.

Day 2 : The next morning we ventured out for sightseeing in Edinburgh and had a wonderful experience at the Edinburgh castle which is home to Scotland’s Crown Jewels and also known to be one of the best castles in the UK. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking the streets of the city and taking in local sights. We ended the day with a hearty Indian meal at a famous restaurant called “Dishoom”, @ St Andrews Square. It’s strange how much we miss our Indian food as soon as we’re out of the country!

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Day 3 : The day started with some classic English breakfast and then we began our journey to Inverness, which is approximately a four hour drive from Edinburgh. The best part of this drive was the splendid views of the highlands, which were quite a sight to take in. Inverness is a must do for nature lovers, with majestic landscapes, haunting moors, sheer cliffs, mountains, lakes and forests, it is simply stunning. We had planned to trek to Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in the British Isles, but unfortunately due to bad weather conditions we were unable to do that.

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The evening at Inverness was about visiting a local pub for a few drinks & food before heading to our haunted villa in the middle of nowhere.

Day 4 : We started our 4th day with a visit to the Inverness museum & art gallery followed by a walk around the Inverness castle. A trip to this city would be incomplete without a visit to Loch Ness and that’s where we headed next. Loch Ness is the largest fresh water body in Great Britain and according to Scottish folklore it is rumoured to be the home of Nessie, a mythical creature also known as the Lochness monster.

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The evening was spent wandering the main high street of Inverness, this being our last night in we decided to experiment with some local food. We tried the national dish of Scotland called “Haggis” at this beautiful restaurant called “Encore une fois”.

Day 5 : This was pretty much the last day of our fabulous trip and it was time to drive back to Edinburg. However, there was still one important thing left on our list, the world famous Highland Whiskey Tasting Trails! Scotland has some of the oldest distilleries in the world and our destination was the Blair Athol Distillery for single malts, owned by Diageo. If you are a whiskey connoisseur this experience is a must do. We thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely tour, understanding the process of whiskey making, the different characteristics and flavours, all this while sipping on an exclusive 12yr old single malt!

Scotland Trips Images - AviatorsbuzzScotland Trips Images - Aviatorsbuzz

Our next stop for the day was Edinburgh Hill. It has the most beautiful views from the summit which is called Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, and the main mountain peak. We called it a day at Lake District as it was too tiring to drive down all the way to London at one stretch. Since this was an unplanned stopover we had no bookings in Windermere, we landed up staying at a youth hostel, lucky for us it turned out to be quite a memorable experience as the location was lake facing.

Day 6 : We drove back to London, our body’s tired but our souls fulfilled.

Scotland Trips Images - Aviatorsbuzz

Captain Nick is a pilot with a leading Airline whose love for travel takes him across countries with Scotland being one of his absolute favourites, and road tripping with friends who share similar interests makes it even more special and memorable.

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