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I have always been drawn to villages more than cities as it gives you the true essence of the place. After visiting Switzerland three years in a row , I still haven’t gotten enough of this gem. Mürren is a  little swiss traditional mountain  car-free village in the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland. It is situated at an elevation of 1,638 metres (5,374 ft) above sea level and it can be reached in  two ways. 

Mountain Village Photos - Aviatorsbuzz

How do you get there? 

  1. From Lauterbrunnen you can take the cableway to Grutschalp. (Lauterbrunnen  can be reached by train from Interlaken). From there change to the narrow gauge train to Mürren BLM. This mountain train will take you back in time as it chugs up the mountain.
  2. From Stechelberg you can take the cableway up to Murren with a change in Gimmelwald. (Stechelberg can be reached by bus from Lauterbrunnen).

Mürren stole my heart at first sight. It’s paradise for someone who loves the idea of stillness and calm but I’m afraid not for someone who prefers crowds.                        

You could then just  take a day trip from Interlaken or Grindelwald.

Mountain Village Photos - Aviatorsbuzz

Mountain Village Photos - AviatorsbuzzMountain Village Photos - Aviatorsbuzz

We spent three days in this fairy tale village with the sun gleaming, blue skies, our endless cups of coffee, the cheese fondue, lazing on the green grass …..sheer bliss!

The three towering mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau can be seen from Mürren. These gigantic mountains towering over us gave us a beautiful sense of sweet nothingness. We were in awe of these gentle giants with their heads in the clouds… they have their own way of telling us how tiny we and our problems are. 

Mürren has a year-round population of 450 which makes it an untouched pristine little village. But don’t worry it has 2000 beds for tourists. We stayed at a family-run Hotel Alpina which had spectacular views of all the three mountains and our balcony faced these snow-covered alps. The picture below is taken from our balcony.

Mountain Village Diary 2020 - Aviatorsbuzz I have some very fond memories of Mürren. Sometimes people leave a lasting impression on you and the sweet lady who owned this place did exactly the same for us. I remember coming back one night a little later than usual and the restaurant being closed and we were ravenous after a long day. She cooked us some warm carrot soup and a sandwich which warmed up our hearts more than it did our stomach.

Things you can do in Mürren  (This one topped our list)

Mountain Village Diary 2020 - Aviatorsbuzz

Mountain Village Diary 2020 - AviatorsbuzzMountain Village Diary 2020 - Aviatorsbuzz

1. Walking around the village looking at all the flower adorned quaintly decorated homes, with the  tinkling of the Swiss cow bells like music to the ears, the smell of the  fresh green grass and the immaculately crisp and clean air, you breathe and you want to breathe again….. I remember one such adventure, while me and my husband were just strolling around we chose to take a path down the mountain which took us to a little remembrance bench… it said “ in loving memory of our parents Lottie and George Kett  who were never happier than when they were in the mountains”… the words instantly  resonated with me and ever since whenever we’ve visited Mürren we have always made our way down to that piece of solace and calm… it’s like our very own secret discovery.

Mountain Village - Aviatorsbuzz

Mountain Village - Aviatorsbuzz

2. The top of Europe- Jungfraujoch which can be reached from Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald – it’s  the highest train station in Europe and well worth the cost.

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3. The Schilthorn- can be reached by a cable car from Mürren. It has an observation platform and a panoramic revolving restaurant, PIz Gloria. In 1969,the Schilthorn featured in the James Bond movie ‘ On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.

For the adventurous you can get your adrenaline rush with activities like paragliding, skydiving or zip-lining and a lot of hikes in the summer.

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