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In our last article we spoke about the selection and usage of Colour Correctors, today we go a step further and learn all about choosing the right Foundation.

Foundation, as the name suggests, is the base on which the rest of the makeup is applied, getting this wrong can mar the entire effect of the makeup, so at the onset make sure to match the foundation perfectly as this is the most important part of the entire makeup regime. To select the right foundation follow these step:

  1. Choose the perfect colour according to skin tone and the correct texture according to skin type.
  2. Oil free and mattifying for oily skin, creamy and moisturising for dry skin.

Analysing your own skin type is imperative as it will help you pick up the right foundation colour for your skin. Once you have picked out the foundation after matching your skin type and tone, you have crossed one big hurdle.

Liquid and cream foundations are most widely used although stick and cake foundations too give a great finish but need a little more practise. All these foundations range from sheer, medium to full coverage formulas and are to be used according to your mood, the occasion, whether it is day or night, or depending on whether you are aiming for a glamorous look or just simple makeup.

The perfect foundation should not look heavy or cakey, long lasting options are now available and when applied with some knowledge and skill can actually give you a crease free result.

To make your base look like 2nd skin it is always better to use sheer to medium foundations especially during the day as daylight can often give away many tell tale signs of demarcation. You need that extra eye for perfection here, artificial light can be very complimentary to makeup so here you can go ahead with a little more of layering of the foundation or a full coverage formula. Remember one golden principle of makeup – “Less is always more”. Do not start with applying too much product on the face, you can always buildup slowly wherever required, rather than trying to remove it, which can make it patchy and is cumbersome.

Apply the foundation all over the face and neck with your finger tips or a brush and then blend with a damp beauty blender to give a seamless finish, your beauty blender is an amazing makeup tool so invest in a good quality blender as it will go a long way to beautify you. Another option of using a kabuki brush to buff in the foundation is also a good idea, blending and keeping a check along the jaw line. Use downward motions with the brush or blender or else the fine hair on your face can lift up and prevent the smooth finish. Mastering this application is not difficult to get an enhanced look. Keep a magnifying mirror handy to check for flaws.

If you are looking for a soft office work look or just a casual one for a day out, then a beauty balm or a bb cream can also work like foundation and give a very light, subtle makeup look which also looks quite impressive.

Once the foundation is over its time for the concealer, just a shade lighter will do the job. Concealer can be liquid or creamy. Dot it on all the problem areas like blemishes or marks and apply with a flat brush under the eyes, dabbing it with your index finger as the warmth of your finger will ensure smoothness. Now blend with a damp beauty blender without dragging the concealer and watch it merge with your foundation and camouflage the imperfections beautifully.The concealer while hiding under eye dark circles will brighten up your eyes. Blend and wait for a while for the foundation and concealer to settle down. Don’t be in a hurry to apply powder.

Loose Translucent powders and mineral based powders are great for the final effect. Take some powder on a fan brush, dust of the excess and apply with a light hand for a dewey, satiny smooth result. Using your setting spray before or after the translucent powder or completely avoiding this mist spray is a personal decision. There are no fixed rules in makeup. Armed with the correct knowledge of product and techniques go ahead and checkout which step you want to add or delete .

If you have hair styling and makeup both on the agenda, it is always better to blow dry your hair first as the heat from the dryer can make your makeup look stale if done after the makeup.

Your blemish free canvas is now ready, so step out with a happy glow and watch your skin radiate confidence. Experimenting is the key to success and you will love yourself for doing just that.

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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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