Human Growth Hormone and Muscle Growth

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Have you ever wondered how the human body grows, from infant to the adult form the size growth seems quite magical, isn’t it? Why is it that we grow much faster in our childhood years with regular visible changes as compared to a depleted growth rate as we get closer to completing our teens? The answer is ” Human Growth Hormone” aka HGH. Our body’s pituitary glands produce the HGH, which makes some of us bigger or taller and others smaller or shorter. It all depends on the HGH production in our glands, HGH gets released into our system in pulses during certain biological times of day and night.

HGH plays a vital role in the muscle growth process, more the HGH, the bigger the muscles. In teenagers the growth hormone rate doubles after puberty, thus helping in their physical development at that point. Our focus however will be on adults struggling to gain that edge on muscle development by toiling at the gym, a little understanding of how our body works in harmony with workouts and sleep will aid the process.

HGH naturally spikes when we’re asleep before midnight and early morning when the body is in fasting mode. The other times HGH will spike is if after an intense workout you take a short nap. It’s necessary to understand that the common factor here is sleep, suppose one is not asleep during these times, the HGH production is NIL, alas the muscle will not grow.

The key takeaway here is to unlock the full potential of workout, diet and sleep. So to make your muscles explosively grow make sure the rest is never missed out in the following windows “before midnight, before sunrise and a nap post-workout”.

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Vijay Macmilton, is a fitness, nutrition, and physique transformation coach apart from being a pilot with a leading airline. Being a fitness enthusiast he has studied this field comprehensively and has mastered the science and math that goes into body building and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive knowledge and passion in the field of diet, fitness, and wellness makes him our go to man for staying in great shape.