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Your Skin and Hair are the external barometers of your inner well being and healthy beautiful tresses could very much be responsible for the halo impression you have on others. So today, I’m going to share a few pointers on what is good and what is bad for the health of your hair.

Hair is made up of all protein. This protein called keratin is manufactured in the hair-follicle and helps anchor each strand  of hair in the follicle. A diet lacking in protein can often lead to hair loss so an intake of a protein rich diet coupled with vitamins A and B, iron and omega 3 fatty acids can improve the health of your hair and scalp. Crash dieting can also be very detrimental  to the health of your  hair and cause hairfall. Pollution, age, anxiety, certain medications and even weather conditions can all take a huge toll on both, the scalp and the skin.

Hairfall and dandruff are problems which most of us face either seasonally or continuously and the extensive use of chemicals  on hair and scalp which some of us are addicted to has it’s own  damaging effects on the scalp and texture of the hair. Over buildup of chemicals during various hair services can cause intense damage and this is a major cause for frizzy, dry, dull, damaged and limp hair. You need to combat this with effective products and  hair treatments, differentiate between Hair Styling Products and Hair Care Product as both have a different role to play.

Hair and scalp care is of prime importance to maintain your crowning glory, the age old grandma’s 20min hot oil scalp massage followed by steam can rejuvenate the scalp and improve blood circulation. Regular exercise also gives tremendous benefits and drinking enough water gives a double benefit of hydration and removing toxins.

Nourishing, moisturising and repairing hair spas give renewed strength, shine and health to your hair and also purifying, hydrating and calming hair spas work wonders with the correct professional advice and guidance.

To further protect your hair, you can also wear a trendy head gear to shield it from the sun’s rays and consult your hair technician after every chemical service has been done on your hair to prevent damage.

Maintaining the PH balance of the scalp is of prime importance, go easy on thermal heating like hair dryers, tongs and straighteners. To safeguard your hair from damage caused by heating, get into the habit of using heat protectors, coat your hair with the product each time you decide to curl or straighten your hair to prevent moisture loss.

There are countless tried and tested effective products in the market for all your hair needs which give amazing results, be it hair ampoules, serums, shampoos, conditioners, masks, or scalp tonics specially formulated for different hair conditions and problems. Argan oil, a miracle invention can be mixed with most hair products to give your mane sheen and shine.

So go ahead cut, colour, style, straighten…get those gorgeous tresses, let the heads turn, all you need to do is give your hair care, care and more care.

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Rashmi Kapur Abrol
Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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