Glam Up With The Classic Red Lips & Winged Eyeliner Look!

A glam look often enhances even the simplest of outfits and the best one of them has to be the “classic red lips and winged eyeliner” look. In todays tutorial I’ll be showing you how to achieve this look perfectly. So without further ado, let’s get started!

  • I begin with a set and prime spray from NYX, coupled with an illuminating primer by ELF. Priming your face is essential as it creates a barrier between your face and the makeup. So it is important to not miss this step.
  • I am using a foundation by NARS and I’ll blend it using a damp beauty blender, next, I use my favourite Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline. For contouring, I’m using the stick foundation by Forever 52. When contouring, ensure that you blend it with upward strokes and not the other way around. However, the process is reversed when contouring the chin area. I recommend using a narrower brush for contouring your nose.
  • For my eyes, I am using the palette from Forever 52 as it has all the basic shades along with the glittery ones too! Since we are doing a bold red lip look, we will keep the eyes quite subtle. It’s important to use the blending brush with a light hand to blend the eye-shadow perfectly. When it comes to any glittery or glimmering shade, your fingers are your best blender!
  • I am using a brow pencil on my eyebrows today to give it a more natural look and I will be highlighting them later, follow it up by curling the eyelashes. For that, I count till 10 in my head before giving it a break.
  • For my cheeks, I am using a blush palette from Forever 52. A tip for using blush is always to smile while using it and to use a smaller brush. In case you feel you have used excess blush, you can always use a blender and blend it away! For the mascara, I am using one from SeaSoul. You start at the base of your eyelashes and move forward in a zigzag motion to the top.
  • Finally, to create my winged eyeliner look, I am using the waterproof eyeliner from Forever 52. To create the perfect wing, imagine a straight line extending from your lower eyelash and create the same line on the side of your eyes. Once done, wipe off the extra from the side with a concealer to give it a sharp and clean look. I’m using lashes from Forever 52. Whenever I’m using a winged eyeliner look, I always cover my waterline with a light coloured eye-pencil, preferably nude.
  • I have some amazing red shades of lipstick from Red Cosmetica and I’m completing my look with the matte shade. For fuller lips, use a concealer to outline the lips and blend it to give it more dimension. That completes my red lips and winged eyeliner look.

I hope you like this look as it goes with any attire, let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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Shweta a makeup artist, grooming trainer, a former Mrs. India and a flight attendant with a leading airline. She loves redefining looks depending on the occasion, from uber cool, super glam to simple daily makeup, she’s here to make sure you look beautiful no matter what the occasion.