The Science Behind Building Big Muscles!

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Every rookie in the gym moves heavyweights to get big and fuller, they also want to look ripped with abs like bricks popping up as they get bigger. The question is, can this goal be achieved without going through a phase of gaining belly fat? The answer is no, we will discover why and the science behind gaining muscle size and belly size.

To gain muscle size, one has to eat more than the expenditure of calories. Which means calorie in should be more than calorie out. The human body does not differentiate excess calories for muscles and fat areas. All the excess gets stored in its respective places, i.e., the surplus protein gets stored as bigger muscles, and the surplus glycogen, fats get stored as fat tissues under the belly and skin. The body gets an overall growth in muscle growth and fat storage; so yes when you’re trying to gain for muscle growth it is normal to also have a belly popping out during that gaining season.

The secret to effective gaining that works for me and, I have tried and tested is the 80:20 rule. Always make sure that muscle to fat growth is in this ratio. This is to make sure that maximum muscle development happens with little fat storage. To perform this correctly, observe the body as it grows in the mirror and tweak the intake of protein and carbohydrates if the muscle size is growing slower than the belly. Cut out the carbohydrates, and increase the protein intake.

In simple words, to carve a beautiful pot, one has to first go through the phase of piling up the clay on the potter’s wheel to be carved out later.

The question right now in everyone’s mind would be, how do I get my brick abs without sacrificing those hard-earned muscles. We are going to discuss that over the following week’s release. Until then, lift heavy, eat big and get big. Let that little belly not bother you for a few weeks as the strength and size add up to your body. Cheers.

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Vijay Macmilton, is a fitness, nutrition, and physique transformation coach apart from being a pilot with a leading airline. Being a fitness enthusiast he has studied this field comprehensively and has mastered the science and math that goes into body building and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive knowledge and passion in the field of diet, fitness, and wellness makes him our go to man for staying in great shape.