How to Stay Fit during Quarantine

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I hope all of you are safe and sound in the wake of this 2nd wave of the pandemic, these are challenging times and test our resilience and strength to fight and survive. Staying fit and healthy has proven to fight disease and boost the power of our immune systems, and even though we are in a lockdown and home isolation has imposed steep challenges on the road to fitness activity, let’s find solutions and try and make some progress on our road to fitness and health.

Firstly if you are unwell, ” DO NOT EXERCISE ” seek your doctors’ advice for guidance and support. The techniques described here are for those under quarantine due to illness of other members at home, or due to various lockdowns restricting the choice of workout venue. 

Being stuck in a small room under isolation can be very demoralising for the mind and body. Overall wellness is a cumulative combination of mental, physical, and disease-free bodies. Let’s begin by understanding the tools available in an average-sized bedroom and how to use them to improve our fitness and strength. 

  1. Free squats: Most bedrooms have space for a person to stand and perform free squats. Serve this as an exercise of maximum repetitions until failure and repeat for five sets minimum.
  2. Incline push-ups: In most rooms, there is always place between the cot and the wall, at least on one side of the room; use this advantage to perform incline push-ups. Place feet over the edge of the cot or mattress, support both the arms on the floor, and perform push-ups until failure. Repeat this process for five sets, minimum.
  3. Bag biceps curl and shoulder press: Take a backpack or any empty bag from the room, fill it up with some clothes to add weight. Use this as a dumbell and perform alternating biceps curl followed by one arm shoulder press, repeat this with the other arm until failure. Perform a total of 5 sets minimum.
  4. Ab crunches with leg raises: Lie down on the bed or cot, perform alternate reps of ab crunches and leg raises to train the abs; repetition here is the key. Perform repetitions till a good amount of soreness is felt in the abdominal muscles. Try and incorporate as many sets (minimum of 10), as these small muscle groups require a lot of activation.
  5. Spot jogging: Pick up the same safe spot used for squats and perform a finishing circuit “on the site jogging” to raise the metabolism and burn fat. Jog for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds, repeat this process for 20 courses to obtain effective results. Try to monitor and maintain an optimum fat burn zone heart rate of 125-135 bpm.

I hope these facts and knowledge, equip you with the tools and guidance to perform fitness activities during such challenging times. Remember, overall wellness is essential for good immunity and strength to fight mental and physical ailments. So go ahead and try this space-restricted workout to give the body the work and reward it deserves.

” When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

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Vijay Macmilton, is a fitness, nutrition, and physique transformation coach apart from being a pilot with a leading airline. Being a fitness enthusiast he has studied this field comprehensively and has mastered the science and math that goes into body building and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive knowledge and passion in the field of diet, fitness, and wellness makes him our go to man for staying in great shape.