Fitness – Facts vs. Fads


Every story has a myth for grandeur and some truth for legitimacy. Likewise, the bodybuilding story has been embedded with tales of hard facts and honey myths. It’s something we hear every day in the gym, at the office, amongst friends, hundreds of facts and fads which leave us wondering about what’s true and what’s not.

In today’s blog, we will analyse a couple of them and discuss if it’s a fact or a fad.

Case 1: Fat makes you fat
I wish it was as simple as this so that I could simply throw it off my plate. Unfortunately, it does not work that way, fats are a dense source of calories compared to carbohydrates and protein, they are like any other micronutrient and play a significant role in our lives. They help us use fat-soluble vitamins, help strengthen joints and form a protective layer under our skin, so it would be unwise to completely eliminate fat from our diet. The truth is EXCESS FAT AND EXCESS FOOD MAKES ONE FAT PERIOD!

Case 2: Starvation makes you lean
Half the human race has got onto this bandwagon of not eating food and starving, hoping to get leaner and fitter. Starving reduces one’s calorie intake to such levels where normal human body functions cease. Our organs and bodily functions require calories for internal operations, from our brain to our heart to even breathing and to keeping us alive. Starvation makes the metabolism slow down, food and its calories are necessary to enhance metabolism so that the food we consume can be burned down and used by the body. Hence starvation doesn’t make you lean and fit, but takes you closer to being unhealthy.

Let’s conclude that understanding facts of the fitness and wellness industry backed by science and evidence is the safest and smartest. Hence beware of the naysayers and false information floating around.

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Vijay Macmilton, is a fitness, nutrition, and physique transformation coach apart from being a pilot with a leading airline. Being a fitness enthusiast he has studied this field comprehensively and has mastered the science and math that goes into body building and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive knowledge and passion in the field of diet, fitness, and wellness makes him our go to man for staying in great shape.