FAQ’s to Ace that Cabin Crew Interview!

There are multiple rounds of interviews that one needs to go through before getting a job as a Flight Attendant, in todays blog I’m going to take you through some frequently asked questions at cabin crew job interviews and tips on how to answer them. This blog is divided into 2 parts so that we can focus on all aspects in detail, the first part is going to be FAQ’s and the second part will be on Body Language.

So, let’s start with some details on what to expect from your interview and some tips on how to prepare for it.

The Interview Process

The 1st round is all about getting to know you, it’s like an Introduction round in which almost 50 percent of people are rejected.  That’s why first impressions always count so remember to make a good one.

2nd round is normally  Group Discussion,  in this round  5 to 10 participants are given a topic to discuss, or a group of interviewers ask questions randomly to the batch.

If you make it past the first 2 rounds, the 3rd round is a medical test. Multiple blood tests, Xray’s etc. are done to know if you are physically fit to be a cabin crew.

The last and final round No. 4 is the main interview with mostly the CEO or Departmental head and is the most crucial interview of them all.

Some airlines have  written tests too.

Some Frequently asked Questions to expect at your Interview

  1. Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?

  2. Tell us a bit about yourself?

  3. Why should we hire you as cabin crew?

  4. What do you know about our airline? Or why do you want to be a part of this airline?

  5. How would you deal with an unruly passenger?/Give us an example of when you’ve dealt with an unruly customer.

  6. Do you work better as part of a team, or on your own?

  7. What are your hobbies? This question does seem out of place but it reflects your personality.

  8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  9. Situational questions regarding the job.

To give a proper answer, you must first understand the meaning of the question. Take a few seconds to think about the question, use phrases from the question like “If I were to be put in such a situation …” and use that time to come up with an answer. It may sound scary or complicated but after a little practice it will come easily.

Some Tips

  • Always remember to be calm and keep smiling throughout the interview
  • Remember the whole purpose of the interview is to understand your personality
  • If you don’t understand a question ask them to repeat or clarify, no harm in that
  • Also, if you don’t know an answer please don’t bluff
  • Stay Relevant
In my next blog I’ll be talking about body language, so stay tuned and keep smiling!
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Flying around the globe with an international airline for 16 years, Shilpa Misra has many accolades tucked under her belt. With the aviation industry growing and loads of opportunities coming up across the world, her blog will consist of how to prepare for interviews, the role of cabin crew, grooming, makeup, beauty hacks, and tips on how to handle this challenging job.