Simply Sandwiches – Chicken Sub with Veggie Duet Sandwich


Bread: French bread/any bread of your choice like whole wheat/multi-grain

For the Spread options: Butter/ cream cheese/peanut butter/tahini paste

For the Filling:

Fresh assorted lettuce leaves- 1 cup iceberg/lollo rosso/ cos lettuce etc.

Chicken Breast – Boneless, 450 gms to be marinated with little olive oil, salt, crushed pepper, little mustard paste, keep aside for 20 mins, cook the chicken in a non-stick pan/or bake/roast in the oven, cool, slice it.

For the Veggie add on’s in the sandwich:

  • Cucumber slices – ½ cup
  • Tomato slices – ¼ cup
  • Sliced onion – 1 no
  • Salt and pepper for the veggies
  • Black or green olives – 4 to 5 sliced


  1. Prepare all the ingredients for the sandwich.
  2. Cook the chicken a little ahead of time and use it when at room temperature.
  3. Slit the bread, apply a spread of your choice on the bread slices.
  4. Place the lettuce leaves of your choice, followed by the sliced veggies and the cooked marinated chicken slices, add olives, parsley etc.
  5. Cover the sandwich and secure it well.
  6. Serve with a bowl of fresh tossed salad.

Chef’s Variations:

  • Try using paneer tikka or cooked sliced mushrooms in place of chicken for veg options.
  • A soy bean patty or a mini burger with mustard honey spread on the bread and slices of cucumber and tomato in a multigrain bread would be an ideal choice too.
  • Double fried egg, lettuce leaves, slices of salami with a peanut butter spread is a good option too.
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A passionate, committed, and competent chef who was awarded the prestigious Bharat Vidya Ratan Award received in 2019 and the Best Chef Asia award received in February 2020, the field of culinary and hospitality education. He has worked with the Taj group of hotels and Kuwait Airways, is considered to be a culinary guru, mentor, and has been an academician in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. He has a few books to his credit like Arabic cookery, Filipino Cookery, 100 ways with Fusion Foods, Lockdown Cooking, Quarantine Memories with Food, and the most awaited Life of a Hotel Management Student. He says "I want to be known as one who could always do something different with a touch of class and a twist of taste".