Tips to Ace that Cabin Crew Interview – Body Language

Welcome back! So in my previous blog, we discussed Frequently Asked Questions at cabin crew interviews and how to answer them, in today’s blog we’re moving on to Part 2 which is the importance of  “Body Language”. It’s not just about what you answer, but also how you answer and your body language plays a very important part. Now, what do I mean when I say “Body Language”,  in simple words it means, “The conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated”.

Remember, when you go for your interview you are being constantly observed, from the moment you enter, while you’re waiting for your turn during the interview and even when you’re leaving. Now think for a moment about how much a person is able to convey with just a facial expression. A smile can indicate approval or happiness. A frown can signal disapproval or unhappiness. The body language you display in an interview can have a huge effect on your chance of success, it doesn’t even take a single word to send out a message sometimes, your body language can say it all and help the person in front of you form an opinion.

Some cabin crew interview tips to follow

  • Smile often
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Don’t cross your arms and sit
  • Watch your Posture, the way you sit for the interview speaks volume about you, keep your hands  loosely clasped in your lap, legs  firmly on the floor or cross your feet at the ankles
  • The tone of your voice should be pleasant
  • When you enter the room and when you leave, make sure your walk is graceful
  • Make sure to thank the interviewer before you leave with a smile and shake hands firmly if initiated by them

Hope this blog helped you get a little bit closer to your dream job. Stay tuned for more and hope you get your wings soon!

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