The Upgraded Skincare Routine – CCMS!

CCMS Skincare Routine

Prepping your skin is a stage that is often overlooked and undermined! There are many myths about skincare that often lead people to over-complicate the process, I’m Shweta and I’m here to debunk those myths and share with you an upgraded version of the daily skincare routine.

Right off the bat, I recommend replacing your CTM routine with the CCMS routine! The upgrade involves removing the toner from your routine as it is widely recognized to be comprised of alcohol, which is a natural irritant for your skin! The toner should be replaced with the corrector, while the moisturizer is supplemented with a sunscreen. This helps eliminate the cons of a toner while the corrector and the moisturizer act as long-term beneficiaries!

This simple routine is divided into four steps which are as follows:

  • Cleanser – Cleansing is the primary step in your skincare routine as this eliminates all the major dirt and pollutants. Using a mild cleanser always helps, though it is important to identify your skin type before choosing your cleanser. Acne-prone skins will benefit most from glycolic or salicylic acid-based cleansers, while oily skin benefits most from gel or water-based cleansers. A foam-based or a cream-based cleanser is suited best for dry skin.

  • Corrector – Correcting is all about working on your skin’s problem areas. Using the appropriate corrector will help with pigmentation, acne, dullness, or dark spots, depending on the problem you’re facing. People with acne-prone skin should use a salicylic acid-based corrector, pigmentation and dullness can be handled with a corrector that includes vitamin-c serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and/or glycolic acid, for fine lines, it is recommended to use hyaluronic acid or retinol. Please do consult your dermatologist to identify your problem areas and choose the right corrector.

  • Moisturizer – As we age, we tend to lose a lot of moisture from our skin. This can be rectified with a good moisturizer, which helps keep the skin hydrated and supple. For acne-prone skin, a gel or water-based moisturizer is best-suited, while oily skin benefits most from jojoba or gel-based moisturizers. It is recommended to use paraffin or cream-based moisturizers for a dry skin.

  • Sunscreen – Using sunscreen is not just the last, but also the most important step in your daily skincare routine. A good sunscreen not only blocks UV rays from the harsh sunlight outside, but it also keeps your skin safe while staying indoors. For people with dry skin, a moisturizing cream-based sunscreen works best, while people with oily skin will benefit most from a silicon or a gel-based sunscreen. Silicon-based sunscreen can also double up as a primer and can be used before applying makeup.

Having said this, it is also important to budget your skincare so as not to overspend on unnecessary products. While cleansing and moisturizing are important, they both can take a backseat in your shopping list. Spending more on a corrector and sunscreen is advisable as it will allow you to get better quality, and consequently long-lasting and safe results.

So go ahead, try this modified CCMS routine and get that healthy, supple, glowing skin!


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