Oily Skin and Dandruff Woes

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Q.1 I have too much dandruff in my hair. I do oil my hair regularly and have tried many lotions to get rid of this nagging problem but sadly have not been successful.

Ans.1 In two tablespoons of pure olive oil, mix 5 to 6 drops of rosemary oil. Massage well into your scalp for 10 to15 minutes followed by a steaming hot turban towel.Continue this treatment twice a week for a few months. Before bed time rub pure aloevera gel on the scalp on alternate days. Leaving in the aloevera overnight and the oil massage done regularly will slowly but surely give good results. Shampoo your hair with a margosa (neem) shampoo at least  twice a week. Choosing your conditioner according to the texture of the hair is necessary but the most important part is to apply conditioner only to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and not to the roots at all. Any residual effect of conditioner  left on your scalp will only promote dandruff so beware and just in case you have been applying hair conditioner to your scalp..stop immediately. Following these simple steps will give you a squeaky clean scalp devoid of dandruff, but patience is required here as there will be no overnight miracles only dedicated hair care will yield results.

Q.2 I am a college student and am keen to start using foundation. The one I picked up recently gives a mask like effect and going to the makeup counter was very confusing for me.

Ans.2 Most salespeople at makeup counters are rather helpful. Maybe your first experience was not good but that should not deter you from making another trip. Picking up the correct foundation is very important as it is literally the ‘foundation’ and the base to all makeup. Ideally you should always check the colour on your jaw line and not on the face itself. Blend in the foundation towards the face and neck with your finger tips and check for the colour match. The  right shade of colour should blend well with your skin tone. Either the exact colour of your skin tone or just a shade lighter is what you should pick up, as the foundation does become a little intense in colour after an hour of application.Buying too light a shade can be horrendous and look like a mask as you pointed out in your question and picking up a darker shade than your skin tone will make your skin darker as the foundation settles into your skin in about an hour. Many women say that foundation does not ”suit me as it makes my skin look dark” so technically there is nothing wrong with the foundation, it is just the wrong choice of colour according to  your skin tone. Getting the right shade of  foundation will be rather simple if you keep these tips in mind.

Q.3 My facial skin is very oily so I wash it everyday with medicated soap and water but it looks very dull. Using moisturiser feels good for a while and then the skin feels more oily by the end of the day, although I keep washing it very often through the day.

Ans.3 Washing your already oily face too often does more harm than good. The protective  layer of your skin called the acid-mantle gets disturbed with frequent washing, leading to more skin problems. Medicated soap twice a day is absolutely fine and dabbing skin toner is a good substitute  to extra washing. Oily skin secretes extra oil, this is the over production of sebum (the oil from the oil producing glands called sebaceous glands) which makes the skin oily and shiny thereafter. Oily, heavy moisturisers and creams are a big no no for your skin type so do check for labels.
Your oily skin also  needs hydration to prevent depletion of moisture. This is where the moisturiser comes into action but any moisturiser from the beauty shop will not do, because each skin is different so it needs specific care products. What you need for your  oily skin is a water based moisturising lotion. The role of this moisturiser becomes very vital for your skin type.This will prevent water depletion and make your skin look and feel much better than before. For best results apply the moisturising lotion over damp skin to lock-in the moisture.
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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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