Massage Therapy For Relaxing Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Most skin types can reap the benefits of a professional massage, but oily and acne prone skins will need special care and consultation before trying out any massage because of their over active oil producing glands (Sebaceous glands). An intensive 30 to 40 minutes of face, neck, shoulders and back massage together is an integral part of a facial where the time duration is determined by your skin type and the entire purpose is to improve your physical and mental well being. The facial massage therapist knows exactly how to release stress and strain by stimulating the facial muscle with expertise in pressure-point massage, efficiently combining them with massage strokes in the correct rhythm to remove toxins and enhance the metabolism of the skin. The ultimate third-eye pressure point technique between the eyebrows will actually have a fabulous calming effect on your entire being.

The two-fold benefit of relaxation in mind and body coupled with a flawless face is an achievable reward. Watch your facial skin improve and rejuvenate with suppleness along with an inner glow and vibrancy. Massage therapy can actually reverse the signs of ageing to some extent. Try a ‘before’ and ‘after’ snap shot of your face. You will see the magic unfold with fine lines fading away improving skin tone and texture over a period of few months.

The correct way to start is to first cleanse the face and neck, next exfoliate as this will yield better absorption of the emollient used resulting in beneficial results. Best time to do a massage is when you can cut yourself off from your phone and other distractions for a minimum of 45 minutes so that you can actually be with yourself and indulge in this power of relaxation. Soft music and some aromatic candles in the background also work as a stress buster during this session.

It is a well known fact that stress levels at work and otherwise in everyones daily lives are only mounting and need to be dealt with so give yourself some “MeTime”. TLC  will rejuvenate, nourish and illuminate your facial skin, adding to the healing process of the  body and a stress free  mind. A sense of feeling relaxed from within will engulf you completely and a sensation of releasing tension like inhaling and exhaling will make a world of difference to your mental state.

The air that we breathe has also become from moderate to poor quality in many cities which also plays a huge role on the health of our skin directly, apart from the hazards caused to our respiratory organs. The healthy glow on the skin will get boosted from the blood circulation and as the oil glands get activated with the massage, the dry skin types start to get their lubrication too. All skins need hydration which often gets depleted due to lack of moisture for umpteen reasons in our day to day life.

The magic of pure essential oils is worth an experience as essential oils when added to carrier oils can potentially relieve  you from depression and there exists an amazing range of mood boosting oils which uplift you immediately after the massage therapy. Alternatively a good anti wrinkle cream for mature skin, a hydrating one for dehydrated skin, an oil free cream for oily skin and a  rich creamy one for dry skin can be your preferences. The effects of the cream, oil, balm or lotion definitely gets enhanced when combined with the massage.

Repeating your deep massage once a week or every fortnight with your practitioner is a great idea but a gentle facial massage done daily with the product of your choice for about 10 minutes will surely add to the health of your skin working like a maintenance programme at home.

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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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