How To Perfect Your Eyeliner


Q1. I am just back from a Goa trip and my feet are looking terribly rough, tanned and simply awful.

Ans. The sun, sand and beaches must have taken a toll on your feet. Exfoliate your feet and scrub well with a loofah or a foot scraper and apply a whitening pack on the feet followed by a soothing moisturizing massage with foot cream or coconut oil. Since time immemorial Grandmas recipes for dry damaged feet have always worked wonders without fail and will make your feet heal slowly and regain its smoothness. Just apply petroleum jelly liberally on your feet and cover it with a pair of cotton socks overnight, allowing the jelly to penetrate well into the skin. Repeat frequently to revive the beauty of your feet.


Q2. Please share some tips on how to use eyeliner. Getting the same shape on both the eyes seems rather difficult for a beginner like me.

Ans. Don’t fret, with a few easy tricks and tips you will surely get the application of the eyeliner correct and soon you will be a pro at it. A little bit of practice can make you sharpen your skill.

Pencil eyeliner

Place the pencil very close to the lash line. Slowly draw a thin line starting from the outer corner of the eye going towards the inner corner. Your choice of pencil is the key to a neat application. A very soft one will smudge easily and a very hard tipped one can be difficult to apply so check out the texture before buying. Keep a cotton bud and face powder ready to wipe of any pencil mistakes. This is an easier trick rather than trying to rub off with tissues.

Liquid liner

Look into the mirror and tilt your head back a little so that you can see your top lash line and eyelid clearly. Holding the liner brush or nib between the thumb and forefinger
put a dot on the centre of the upper lash line and starting from here draw a line towards the outer corner of the eye. Now starting from the inner corner of the eye draw your liner to the middle of the lash line and connect it to the dot. You have a complete liner line now and once you have perfected this you will not need the help of the dot but keep in mind that the eyeliner should be thinner in the inner corner than the outer corner of your eye contour.

Gel eyeliner

The beauty of the gel liner is that it stays longer and looks more intense on your eyes. Here your application is similar to the liquid liner but the strokes used on the lower lash line look amazing with great staying power. It can be used with a little practice on the lower lash line or on the water line of your eyes and both applications look very attractive.

Powder eyeliner

This comes in a cake form and is a brilliant product which can be made soft or intense to suit your mood and requirement. Take a liner brush, dip it in water and then on the cake eyeliner, this can be used on its own or in combination with the liner, pencil or gel liner.
Practise makes you perfect here so do try the various options and create those lovely eyes for different occasions.

Q3. I enjoy buying and applying makeup and have bought some of the best brands of brushes, sponges and lash curlers. Would like to know how to take care of these to make them last long.

Ans: Makeup tools are a very necessary and sensible investment as this enables you to get perfect, impeccable results. Makeup is an art which requires perfection and the artist knows the importance of the makeup and the tools which go hand in hand for flawless accuracy.
If you do not clean your brushes, you can very easily transfer dirt and bacteria from the brushes to the makeup product and back to your face so by keeping the brushes clean you are saving the product also. Caring for the brushes, beauty blenders and sponges is rather simple, softly wipe all brushes on a clean tissue after every use. Wash them once every 15 days with soapy water by just soaking them in the liquid for some time, you can softly rub the sponges but do not try to rub the brushes as by doing so you will weaken the bristles. After a thorough water rinse, pat them dry on a soft towel to take away excess water and then leave them to dry naturally on a flat surface. Well dried, ready to use brushes can now be stored in clean pouches. Proper care will ensure longevity of your expensive tools of artistry.


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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.