Grace & Grooming – Your Key To Success At The Workplace

In this super competitive world where everyone is well educated and equally qualified, what is the one thing that can make you stand out? The answer is Grooming! A well groomed person always has that extra edge that organisations are looking for when they recruit. When you pay attention to your grooming it definitely increases your self confidence and self esteem, and shows your employer that you care enough to make the effort to portray the right image on behalf of your organisation. Grooming is important in all professions but more so if you’re part of a service industry, like the Aviation Industry. As an airline flight attendant it is mandatory for you to be well groomed at all times, round the clock, you’re the face of the airline and all passenger interactions happen through you, so it is extremely important for you to make a good first impression.

Watch the video as Shilpa Mishra, a flight attendant with a leading airline and a professional makeup artist shares with us the importance of grooming for flight attendants and how to conduct yourself if you want to nail that airline job interview.

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Flying around the globe with an international airline for 16 years, Shilpa Misra has many accolades tucked under her belt. With the aviation industry growing and loads of opportunities coming up across the world, her blog will consist of how to prepare for interviews, the role of cabin crew, grooming, makeup, beauty hacks, and tips on how to handle this challenging job.