Choosing The Right Lip Colour

Choosing The Right Lip Colour - AviatorsBuzz

Q1. How does one choose a lip colour because some lipstick colours look so lovely on their own but very different on application?

Ans: Lipcolour plays a big role in the entire makeup look so choosing the right colour can actually add to that fabulous overall effect. The lighter your lips natural tone the lighter the lip colour. Neutral browns, violet and pinks will look amazing here. There is a difference between pale and light colours so if you like pale colours go in for the richly pigmented variety. Darker skin tones carry off dark colours very well and women with medium skin tone look fabulous in reds and currants. But again the mirror is your best friend, try some mix and match of colours and surely you will get more than one shade of lipstick that will look awesome on your skin tone.

Q2. How do I conceal a glaring pimple which appears overnight from nowhere on an important day out?

Ans: The minute you see a pimple on your face it can really put you off especially when it’s an important day for you. The temptation to squeeze it is huge but hold yourself back. Touching or popping it will only make things worse for you. In fact, if it starts oozing the concealing might become a little problematic. Take a small flat brush and dot concealer on the pimple blending it in a little to merge with the skin around it. Now cover it with some face powder and slowly pat a tissue over it. Repeat the concealer and powder again in the same way. This will surely conceal the pimple and camouflage the redness of the pimple. Another important trick is to totally avoid blush on this area as you don’t want to highlight this part on the face.

Q3. Kindly suggest how I can get rid of acne on my T-zone and on my back?

Ans: Water is ambrosia for your skin so don’t neglect this very important factor in your daily lifestyle along with an intake of fresh fruits and salads to give roughage to your digestive system which in turn will help your skin immensely. Maybe you have dandruff on your scalp which could be the cause of acne on the back, so address this problem first.
Use a face wash for sensitive skin twice a day morning and evening, apply a pimple lotion called Shaclear every night on your T-zone and back area also.
Once in 15 days it is advisable to take an in-salon galvanic treatment or hi-frequency on the back to settle down the acne, the antibacterial effect of this treatment will prevent the acne from spreading any further.


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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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