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Be a colour diva with the right blusher, it is amazing how a blusher can make you sparkle with a healthy glow. The mantra is to use the right colour and intensity for that perfect occasion, be it for a casual lunch, for a corporate meet, for an evening out or just to get that alluring glamorous look. Blusher or rouge can lift and accentuate your cheekbones and when applied with a little skill and practise it can beautifully contour and sculpt your face.

Now before you start, there are a few things to keep in mind, make sure you have the right blusher as this is the first step towards achieving the perfect results to brighten up your face and day at the same time. There are options galore when you want to pick up a blusher, both powder and cream are easily available in most brands. Do not feel shy to try them out and ask for a demo at your favourite makeup counters as you need to be very sure of your choice and ideally try the blusher on the face itself and not on the hand.

The right brand and the right colour will actually make you feel like a million dollars. It is  wise to pick up a palette with at least four shades, one of them being a bronzer. Rouge or blush gives a lovely, dewey look and feel, when applied after foundation, the powder can follow before or after the blush or can be omitted totally.

Where you place your blusher is of prime importance – on the apple of your cheeks, right on the cheek bones, but above the hollow of your cheeks, going towards the ears, and temples. Give yourself a big smile to see the apple form on your face and then squeeze your mouth in to check the hollow of your cheeks. Use a soft, fluffy brush to apply the blusher as a stiff one can leave streaks and blotches. Apply the blusher on the cheekbones and sweep towards the ears, hairline and temples.

Another technique is to apply the blush forming a ‘C’ from the temples towards the apple of your cheeks, blending and giving a proper balance to your face with a perfect blush effect. The bronzer will give warmth to your skin and should be evenly applied in the hollow part of your cheeks, gently brushing upwards with a soft angular brush, towards the middle of the ear giving an illusion of depth.

Now with a clean, soft, round brush, blend in the blush and the bronzer as you surely don’t want a blob of colour on your cheeks, be a bit careful while blending one colour into the other. The secret is to keep your blending brushes clean without any colour on them.

The result of the bronzer and blusher together will automatically give an effect of elevated high cheekbones. It is definitely not necessary to use a bronzer everyday but if you do you must get the entire process right to get the correct result. Bronzer goes first, then the blusher and then the highlighter on the upper cheekbones.


Sometimes just a single stroke of your blusher across the apples of your cheeks is enough to give that fresh look.

When it comes to cream blushers keep in mind that they have more pigment and at the same time are more hydrating than powder rouge. You can find lovely colours in pot rouge and in cream sticks as well. Cream blushers are very easy to apply with your finger tips or  even better with a stippling brush and then blended with the same technique as powder blushers. Achieve that natural, unbelievable anti-ageing effect of lifting your cheeks with the right colours and try using matt textures that will not cake onto your skin.

Keep in mind that as your skin matures, it is important to tone down the shades of  your blush, preferably without frost and shimmer.
So go ahead and blush your way to a more gorgeous you.


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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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