Beauty FAQs – Skincare Woes & How to Fix Them

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Q1. Which cleanser would be the right choice for my oily skin? Should I buy a creamy or a milky cleanser?

Ans: Cleansers are designed to remove grime, makeup and other impurities from the skin, so check your skin type to make the right choice before buying a cleanser.

A milky cleanser would normally work for all types of skin except acne prone skin. A creamy cleanser is ideal for dry skins as it can cleanse and nourish the skin resulting in a non oily softer complexion. An oil free cleanser is the right choice for an extremely oily skin and a water based cleanser is perfect for acne prone skin.

Q2. The skin around my eyes is a big problem. I do moisturise my dry skin everyday with a creamy moisturiser but the skin here still remains dry and slightly dark.

Ans: The skin under and around the eyes is not lubricated enough as it has the least amount of oil glands called the sebaceous glands. It is is also very sensitive and coupled with less lubrication it tends to get drier faster, so yes the dry skin around the eyes does need extra care. Always use an eye cream specially formulated to do the job, under eye creams will hydrate and nourish the skin and minimise the darkness under your eyes but you have to be consistent in this daily routine to see the difference on your skin.
Aloe vera based under eye creams with almond oil and grapeseed oil are a good bet.
They will smoothen and destress the skin around the eyes. Never pull or tug, but be gentle because if you are not careful you are disturbing the extremely fragile skin under the eyes. Your regular care and determination to get rid of the dryness around the eyes will soon make your eyes look refreshed and reawakened with a brighter look.

Q3.  My face is full of blackheads especially around the nose and chin area. My concern is scarring of the skin while removing these blackheads, I am just 21 years old and don’t really want to go in for facials yet.

Ans: It is definitely not necessary to go through an entire facial to remove blackheads. Blackhead removal will not lead to scars if done well professionally. Many young people are riddled with this problem often because of underlying oily skin or blocked pores. The sebum clogs the pores and gets oxidised leading to both white heads and blackheads. To remove blackheads you have to undergo a very simple procedure called a ‘clean up’ which does not include any massage. In fact, if these blackheads are not removed the pores can become larger. Steam is an important part of the cleanup so that the blackheads can be squeezed out easily without any damage to the skin. Don’t expect all the blackheads to go away in one treatment and it is advised that you don’t take steam too often either in your desperation to get rid of all the blackheads. Give it a gap of minimum three weeks before the next sitting. A toner is a must and needs to be used everyday to shrink the pores along with an oil free moisturiser. Give it some time and you will be happy to see the positive results within a few months.

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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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