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Q1. I am curious to know how Vitamin E works on ageing skin. Is it a good idea to use it every day?

Ans: Vitamin E  is a fat soluble vitamin derived from natural sources like wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and soya bean oil. It gives amazing skin smoothening  and softening results and can even be applied  around the eyes as well. Vitamin E has the properties to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as it has TEWL (transepidermal water loss)  properties and prevents free radical induced ageing. To enhance the effect, you can mix Vitamin E in a cleanser, sunscreen, anti wrinkle cream or a moisturizer. Check out the body shop Vitamin E gentle face cleanser.
Q2. I am a mother of a six-year-old and feel like I don’t have any time for myself. Can you suggest something very simple and basic for my ultra-dry skin which is looking absolutely dull and tired?
Ans: To start with what you need is time management. Having a child is no reason to totally neglect yourself. Give yourself minimum 20 minutes of exercise every day and start your day by drinking 3 to 4 glasses of water. This in itself will kickstart your day with great energy and zest. For your dry skin, follow a simple CTM …cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine every morning and exfoliate with a scrub twice a week. Your toner is an important step as it takes away the residual effect of the cleanser and prepares your skin for the moisturizer. Keep in mind to apply your moisturizer over damp skin so that the moisture gets trapped into your skin and hydrates it well.

Q3. I have long travel plans with a connecting flight. I enjoy using lip gloss but it seems to disappear from my lips in no time. How do I keep it on for my entire journey of 6 hours? Please advise.

Ans: The main ingredient in lip gloss is oil and wax which makes it a little slippery.
Keep in mind the more wet the gloss, the lesser the staying power. Check out the labels on your gloss tube to know its texture. The words ‘lacquer’, ‘paint’ and ‘polish’ are usually the more dense variety and the ‘juicy’, ‘wet’ are sheerer. A sponge-tipped applicator or even your finger are the best ways to get the right quantity of gloss on your lips. Avoid layering and apply only a touch of gloss to both the corners  of your mouth to avoid overload here.
A very easy and effective tip here is to first use a matt lip liner to line and fill in your lips.
Now apply the lip gloss which is from the dense family and you have reason to smile as the lip gloss will surely be right there  throughout your long  flight.

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Rashmi Kapur Abrol has been in the beauty industry for the last 37 years, a columnist to the Times of India, official make-up therapist to the Miss World contestants and a soft skills trainer for Leading Hotels in the country and abroad.


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