The Festive Makeup Look!

With the festive season upon us it’s time to get all glittery and get our festive makeup on point. So without further ado, let’s get started!

To create this look I’ve mostly used the colour palette from Forever 52, but feel free to use your favourite palettes, as the shades I’m using are really easy to find.

  1. So to begin with, use a peachy shade to create depth and contour around the eyes. Next, add a shade of wine/brown on the outer corner of the eye and in the centre.
  2. To give it a good transition, use a blush pink tone in the middle and then  blend the colours together. Use the same blush pink colour on the lower eyelids as well.
  3. As you get the desired transition, cut the crease with some concealer. Follow it up with some super pigmented glitter pink shade on the crease.
  4. To smoke it out, again add the wine/brown colour on the outer crease and blend it with a blending brush. Next, add some glitter glue, followed by some shiny glitter also from Forever 52.
  5. To create some drama on the lower lashes I’ve added the sparkle blue shade from Forever 52. Now, finishing up with the eyes, add a thin eyeliner and I’ve used lashes from Forever 52.
  6. To complete the look, add some highlighter on the brow bones and on the inner corners. Since I’ve created a glam and glitter look on the eyes, let’s keep the lips subtle by using a nude or a light shade lipstick.

There you’re all set and good to go! This makeup looks good with any attire and you can accessorize it with some bindi and jewellery!

Hope you enjoyed creating this look! If you have any questions feel free to connect with me via the comments section!

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Shweta a makeup artist, grooming trainer, a former Mrs. India and a flight attendant with a leading airline. She loves redefining looks depending on the occasion, from uber cool, super glam to simple daily makeup, she’s here to make sure you look beautiful no matter what the occasion.