10 Don’ts For Your Cabin Crew Interview!

So, you’ve got a call and you’re going for that all-important interview, remember it’s a make or break situation and first impressions are of paramount importance. In my last video, we discussed the need to be well-groomed and presentable, in today’s video I’m going to share with you a list of DON’TS. So make sure you DON’T do any of these :

  1. Do Not wear casual clothes for your interview – Be dressed in smart formal attire
  2. Do Not wear casual or torn shoes, formal shoes are a must, preferably solid colours
  3. Do Not display tattoos and piercings
  4. Do Not chew gum during the interview
  5. Do Not wear tacky makeup
  6. Do Not wear chunky jewellery, you aren’t going for a wedding, accessorise in a minimal, classy way
  7. Do Not go with crazy highlights and hair styles that aren’t appropriate, as a rule of thumb, if your hair can reach your shoulders, it should be tied back.
  8. Do Not walk in with chipped nails, this is important for guys too. Make sure your nails are nicely painted and not chipped, get a manicure, and a pedicure before your interview.
  9. Do Not be sweaty, it’s very essential to smell good
  10. Do Not be grumpy …smile

This might seem like a lot of rules but trust me your efforts will go a long way and help you become a better-groomed cabin crew.

Keep smiling and may you get your wings soon!

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Flying around the globe with an international airline for 16 years, Shilpa Misra has many accolades tucked under her belt. With the aviation industry growing and loads of opportunities coming up across the world, her blog will consist of how to prepare for interviews, the role of cabin crew, grooming, makeup, beauty hacks, and tips on how to handle this challenging job.