Insanity Workout – Date Night

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30 Min “Date night” Insanity workout

For all you young men and women out there who believe in “weights before dates” and want those pumped up muscles to look your best on date night, this insanity workout is exactly what you need, to smoke fat and pump the entire body in just 30 mins.

To begin with pick a barbell and load weights you can handle with moderate effort, also try to work out in front of the mirror to assess the form and drive. Here is the insanity workout log, take a print out before heading to the gym and following it precisely.

As you cool down after your workout, sip a shake with 25 gms protein and 10 gms carbs within the anabolic window (15-20 mins post-workout). Head back home for a quick shower, followed by a 30-45 min nap.The matrix of carbs and protein with the growth hormone pulse while you nap will make your muscles fuller and bigger.

You are all set for date night with those bulging biceps and mannequin fitting clothes.

 Enjoy your workout, and have a romantic night 💕💕