High Intensity Weight Training

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You’ve all probably heard of “HIIT”, its now time to explore “HIWT”, a unique way of addressing weight training in its highest intensity. This technique will torch fat and help preserve muscle mass.

HIWT’s goal is to exhaust the muscles with intensity rather than endurance. To break this down, light weights with many repetitions or heavy weights with fewer repetitions, statistically, it means increasing the power or stress the muscle will experience.

Technique 1: Lightweight with more Repetition

By increasing the muscle time under tension it eventually reaches ultimate exhaustion, similar to an endurance sport. The muscle load is not high but the number of reps or time under stress is more so the muscle fibres go through heavy stress similar to how you feel when you hold a glass of water with one hand held straight for a long time.

Technique 2: Heavyweight with fewer Repetitions

By increasing the poundage of load onto the muscle, the muscle reaches exhaustion in a shorter period with lesser reps, so you are carrying heavier weights, but for a shorter time. This causes microwear in the muscles due to heavy loads, signalling the CNS (Central Nervous System) a state of induced trauma.

In both the techniques, the muscle is exposed to intense loads either over time or with increased weights, so it grows or preserves its mass and the only option left is to burn calories as fat, hence the fat burn. To amplify its effects, stack it up with a session of post-weight training cardio. The result would be a healthy, shredded lean physique.