Effect of Weight Training On Joints And Bones

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“I don’t weight train as it causes joint pains”, “I don’t lift as my bones and joints are weak.”

I am sure most of you have heard this many times and have accepted it as a fact. But these are not scientific facts, the truth is very different.

Now hear me out loud, the truth is ” Weight training does not cause joint pain, but improper form does “ and ” One has to lift to strengthen the muscles around joints and bones.” Let us examine in detail both the cases as they are interconnected.

Lifting weights or strength training does induce some good stress on the joints and if the correct form and overload are maintained, they also help the bone density to increase. They help develop the muscles around the joints, which leads to improved skeletal muscles; they are muscles that are stuck to your bones, improving their overall strength.

The ligaments also grow and get dense with weight training; however, it’s much slower than the muscle growth rate. One must be aware that though the muscle might have grown stronger to lift heavier, the ligaments lag behind a bit, be cautious not to overload beyond their capacity and damage them hence raise smart.

In time the joints, skeletal muscles, and ligaments develop stronger with correct form and weight overload. So go ahead, lift and improve your strength and quality of life with stronger joints and bones.