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There are various types of doors in the A320, some are used for entry and exit, whereas some for emergency evacuation. The following are the various types:

  1. Four Passenger Doors
  2. Three Cargo Doors
  3. Four Avionics Compartment Access Doors
  4. Four Emergency Exits in the Cabin
  5. Two Emergency Exit Windows in the Cockpit
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz

Passenger Door

The aircraft has four plug-type doors that open outward and forward. There are two doors on each side of the fuselage (one door in the FWD section and one door in the AFT section). They are normally used to embark and disembark passengers, service the aircraft.

Each passenger door is also equipped with an escape slide, which will be deployed in case of emergency if the slide is armed.

DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
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Cockpit Emergency Exit

  • The two sliding windows in the cockpit are flight crew emergency exits. A small compartment, located above each window, contains an escape rope that is long enough to reach the ground when lowered through either sliding window. The cockpit windows can only be opened from inside.
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
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Cargo Doors

  • The aircraft has one FWD and AFT cargo door, the bulk section of the cargo can be accessed by an additional BULK Cargo door.
  • The FWD and AFT cargo doors can only be operated from the outside. They are operated by the yellow hydraulic system and locked mechanically (if the yellow hydraulic electric pump is inoperative, a hand pump can be used to operate them).
  • The Bulk cargo door can only be operated manually and opens inwards & upwards.
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
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Emergency Exits

  • There are four over-wing emergency exits in the cabin. Two emergency exits are located on each side of the cabin, in addition to the passenger doors. Emergency exits are also equipped with escape slides and remain armed always. 
  • These exits can be opened from inside or outside.
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz

Avionics Doors

  • Four avionic compartment access doors situated in the forward fuselage enable external access to the avionics compartment.
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
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Cockpit Doors

  • A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. 
  • In normal operations, when the door is closed it remains locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door.
  • The door is bulletproof and fully compliant with rapid decompression requirements.
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
DOORS OF A320 - AviatorsBuzz
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