Did you know ? #8

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Q) Did you know who introduced Business Class?

A) Many airlines can claim to be part of the evolution of business class. JAL (Japan Airlines) was the first to offer better facilities for full fare passengers, which included the Tachibana (Orange Blossom) cabin immediately behind first class. Thai Airlines was the first to use the term ‘Business Class’ for its full fare economy cabin. The first airline to offer a full business class service, different seating from economy and first class and a different class of fare, was Qantas, which launched the first true business class in 1979.


Q) Which is the filthiest place on an airplane?

A) No it’s not the toilet. As it so happens, the filthiest place on a plane is the tray table you’re eating your meal off. According to a study conducted by TravelMath, tray tables hosted 2,155 colony-forming bacterial units (CFU) per square inch. In comparison, the button to flush the toilet had just 265 CFU in the same amount of space.


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